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Collage of photos from CCBIO situations; research, teaching, symposia.

Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) is a Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen. 

The center is working on new cancer biomarkers and targeted therapy, and has particular focus on mechanisms that show how cancer cells are affected by the microenvironment in the tumors, and what significance this has for cancer proliferation and poor prognosis. See the 1 minute video CCBIO in a Nutshell. Centre Director is Lars A. Akslen, Department of Clinical Medicine. Read about our research and activities in the CCBIO Annual Report.

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CCBIO's principal investigators:

Portrait photo of Bob Langer at the CCBIO symposium.

The 2024 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience awarded to Professor Robert S. Langer

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters June 12th announced the 2024 Kavli Prize Laureates in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience. Among these are Robert S. Langer (USA), sharing the 2024 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience with Armand Paul Alivisatos (USA) and Chad A. Mirkin (USA).

Collage of photos from the CCBIO annual symposium 2024.

Discussing current cancer biomarkers at CCBIO’s 12th Annual Symposium

The 12th CCBIO Annual Symposium took place May 14-15, 2024, at Solstrand outside of Bergen in excellent weather, facilitating a radiant frame for networking and meetings in the sunshine during the breaks. The program showcased current cancer biomarker research as well as taking a step back...

The SAB members and the CCBIO management standing on the stairs outside the Solstrand Hotel.

Continuing a strong cancer research network

The 12th CCBIO Annual Symposium has recently taken place, with a program showcasing current cancer biomarker research. This was the final symposium in CCBIO’s 10-year period funded by the Research Council of Norway as a Centre of Excellence (CoE), however not the last. CCBIO will continue its core...

Jeanette sitting with her computer in the group meeting, with the view of the fjord from Solstrand Hotel in the back.

Patient involvement in cancer biomarker research is a work in progress

Although patient involvement in research was not part of the program at the 12th CCBIO Annual Symposium, it is a topic CCBIO will give more attention to. We had a chat with a user representative who participated at the symposium, and who is also contributing in one of our research projects.

Collage of all group members.

Targeting tumor aggressiveness in young breast cancer patients

Although CCBIO this summer completes its 10-year appointment as Center of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway, the center will continue its activities, and so do all the research groups and collaborations that have been established through these years. It has been a privilege for the CCBIO...

Shortcuts: Read CCBIO's Annual Reports and the CCBIO Newsletter

CCBIO is established in 2013 by the Research Council of Norway in collaboration with the University of Bergen. Other important sources of financial support are Helse Vest and the Norwegian Cancer Society. CCBIO is part of the Research Council of Norway's Centres of Excellence (CoE) scheme. The scheme organizes the activities of Norway’s foremost scientific circles in centres to achieve ambitious scientific objectives through collaboration and long-term basic funding.