Three students sitting on a bench in front of a yellow building, Sydneshaugen skole
Why UiB
A group of students standing in the street, talking and smiling

Study in Norway in English

Have you considered studying in Norway but you’re afraid that Norwegians don’t understand English? Two international students tell you why you don't have to worry.

Astrid Haderlein quickly found a job i Norway

Found a job quickly

The former international UiB student Astrid Haderlein uses skills attained during her education every day at her job at DNB.

Photo of Sofia Petkovic.

Had her eyes set on her dream job

Sofia Petkovic chose a masters program with an internship component. Then she used the internship to network her way to a full time job.

Bilde av Sejersted og Maurseth

UiB in the world’s top ten

UiB is the eighth most quoted university in the world within humanities, according to a new ranking from Times Higher Education.

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