Master's Programmes in English

Master's Degree Programmes for applicants from the EU and EEA

UiB offers a diversity of master's programmes taught in English for applicants from the EU, EEA and Switzerland.

Our Master's programmes have a duration of two years. Generally, the second year is devoted to writing your master's thesis.

  • Application deadline (spring semester): 1 November
  • Starting January 2020
  • Application deadline (autumn semester): 1 March
  • Starting August 2020

Check the general admission requirements and see the information on how to apply. You will find specific admission requirements on each programme site (linked below). 

Fine Art, Music and Design (not open autumn 2019)

(Note: programmes offered by the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design have separate application deadlines and are not open for admission with start up in January.)

Health and Psychology (not open autumn 2019)

(Note: not open for admission with start up in January)

Language, Philosophy and Culture

Language studies: 

Society, Politics and Media (not open autumn 2019)

Master's degrees programmes taught in Norwegian

You can also apply for Master's programmes taught in Norwegian if you can document Norwegian language proficiency. See the complete list of master's degree programmes (all information in Norwegian).

Note that only programmes in the fields of humanities and natural scoences are open for admission with start up in January.