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Norwegian Language Courses

We offer a range of Norwegian language courses to international students and international employees at the University of Bergen, as well as immigrants and refugees. Partners and spouses of international employees at the UiB may also apply for admission.

On these pages you will find information about the Norwegian language courses that we offer.

Course Information

Please follow the links under for a full course description:

Class attendance is an obligatory requirement for all Norwegian language courses at UiB. Maximum allowed absence from class is 25 % of the scheduled classes.   

If you are prevented from attending the first lecture, please contact us at studynorwegian@uib.no


Schedule spring semester 2019 (may be subject to change) - updated 27 September 2018

CourseGroupWeekdayTimeWeek number
NOR-U1AMON & WED14.15-17.00WEEK 4-18
 BTUE, THU & FRI08.15-10.00WEEK 4-18
 CMON & WED08.15-11.00WEEK 4-18
 DTUE & THU16.15-19.00WEEK 4-18
 EMON & THU11.15-14.00WEEK 4-18
NOR-U1/2AMON, TUE, THU & FRI10.15-12.00WEEK 4-18
NOR-U2AMON, THU & FRI12.15-14.00WEEK 4-18
 CMON & WED08.15-11.00WEEK 4-18
 DTUE & THU16.15-19.00WEEK 4-18
 EMON & WED14.15-17.00WEEK 4-18
NOR-U3AMON & WED08.15-11.00WEEK 4-18
 CMON & WED14.15-17.00WEEK 4-18
 DTUE & THU16.15-19.00WEEK 4-18
 EMON, TUE & THU08.15-10.00WEEK 4-18
NOR-U4AMON & WED14.15-16.00WEEK 4-18



In order to apply or register for a Norwegian language course at UiB, you must belong to one of the groups listed below. The application procedure is different for each group. Specified information about entry requirements and the application/registration process is given for each group.

International students

  • Entry requirement: granted admission to a Master's program at UiB or granted admission as an exchange student  
  • Course registration: international students granted admission to UiB may sign up for a Norwegian language course at StudentWeb during the semester registration period.
    • Semester registration period for the spring semester: beginning of December until the first day of lectures 
    • Semester registration period for the autumn semester: beginning of July until the first day of lectures
  • Please note that there are a limited amount of seats for each course.      

International employees at UiB and partners

  • Entry requirement: international employees must be employed by UiB in a 100% position for 6 months, or 50% position for 12 months. Partners of international employees may also apply for admission to a Norwegian language course.
  • Course application: applications must be registered at SøknadsWeb 

Refugees and immigrants holding a residence permit

Norwegian Language Requirements

CourseNorwegian language requirement
NOR-U2passed exam in NOR-U1
NOR-U3passed exam in NOR-U2 or NOR-U1/2
NOR-U4minimum grade C in NOR-U3
NOR-UNNpassed exam in NOR-U2

Placement Test

Applicants who apply for NOR-U2, NOR-U3 and NOR-U4 without having attended basic Norwegian language courses at UiB, but have in other ways acquired equivalent knowledge and skills in the Norwegian language, must complete a placement test arranged by the Department of linguistic, literary and aesthetic studies.

  • The placement test is only available for those who meet the entry requirements
  • The placement test can not replace a previous exam result of one of the NOR-U courses
  • The placement test is not graded and we do not issue any certificate of the test

Information about dates and how to register for the placement test will be published soon.

Practical Information


International Agreement and Programme Students / Refugees and Immigrants

Persons admitted to the Norwegian language courses as an international agreement or programme student, as well as refugees and immigrants, will find information about exam registration on this page: Examination and Diploma. 

The exam registration deadline is 1 February for the spring semester and 1 September for the fall semester.

Employees at the UiB and their partners

Employees at the UiB and their partners who are admitted to the Norwegian language courses will be signed up for the exam by the administration at the Faculty of Humanities.

E-mail account and Mitt UiB

How do I get access to email, internet and Mitt UiB? All students and employees at the UiB must have an individual user’s account giving access to Mitt UiB , e-mail, and to computers at UiB. Students can create accounts themselves by using SEBRA

Transcript of Records 

Please go to this side for information about ordering your transcript of records.

Norwegian language proficiency – requirement for general admission

The Norwegian language courses offered at UiB are courses that can lead students to pass the examination of NOR-U3, which will give them the Norwegian language proficiency demanded by the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service to be admitted to Norwegian universities and colleges.

Staff & Contact Information

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