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Norwegian Language Courses

We offer a range of Norwegian language courses to international students and international employees at the University of Bergen, as well as immigrants and refugees. Partners and spouses of international employees at the UiB may also apply for admission.

Sydneshaugen skole

On these pages you will find information about the Norwegian language courses that we offer.

CourseLanguage entry requirement

NOR-INTRO - Short Introductory Course in Norwegian 

Recommended for international exchange students

NOR-U1 - Beginner Level Norwegiannone
NOR-U1/2 - Fast Progression level 1 & 2none
NOR-U2 - Intermediate Level Norwegianpassed exam in NOR-U1 or Placement Test
NOR-U3 - Advanced Level Norwegian passed exam in NOR-U2 or NOR-U1/2, or Placement Test
NOR-U4 - Proficient Level Norwegianminimum grade C in NOR-U3 or Placement Test
NOR-UNN - Norwegian Nynorskpassed exam in NOR-U2

Class attendance is an obligatory requirement for all Norwegian language courses at UiB. Maximum allowed absence from class is 25 % of the scheduled classes.   


Schedule spring semester 2021 (may be subject to change) - updated 29 September 2020

Some of our courses are reserved for specific groups of applicants , but most of our courses are open for both students and employees/partners. PhD-candidates belong to the application group employees, not students.
CourseGroupDaysTimeWeeknumberWho can apply
NOR-INTROAMON & WED08.15-10.004-16Students
 BWED & FRI10.15-12.004-16Students
 CTUE & THU14.15-16.004-16Students
 DTUE & FRI12.15-14.004-16Students
 EWED & FRI08.15-10.004-16Students
 FTUE & THU14.15-16.004-16Students
 GWED & FRI14.15-16.004-16Students
 HTUE & THU08.15-10.004-16Students
NOR-U1AMON & WED14.15-17.004-19Students and employees/partner
 BTUE, THU, FRI08.15-10.004-19Students and employees/partner
 CMON & WED08.15-11.004-19Students and employees/partner
 DTUE & THU16.15-19.004-19Employees/partners
 EMON & THU11.15-14.004-19Students and employees/partner
 FMON & WED16.15-19.004-19Employees/partners
 GTUE & THU16.15-19.004-19Digital course for employees
NOR-U1/2 MON, TUE, THU, FRI12.15-14.004-19Students and employees/partner
NOR-U2AMON, THU, FRI12.15-14.004-19Students and employees/partner
 BMON, TUE, THU, FRI10.15-12.004-19Immigrants and refugees
 CTUE, THU08.15-11.004-19Students and employees/partner
 DTUE & THU16.15-19.004-19Employees/partners
 EMON & WED14.15-17.004-19Students and employees/partner
 FMON & WED16.15-19.004-19Employees/partners
NOR-U3AMON & THU08.15-11.004-19Students and employees/partner
 BMON, TUE, THU, FRI10.15-12.004-19Immigrants and refugees
 CMON & WED14.15-17.004-19Students and employees/partner
 DTUE & THU16.15-19.004-19Employees/partners
NOR-U4 TUE & THU14.15-16.004-19Students and employees/partner

 To see what room you have class in: Schedule for the Norwegian courses

How to Register

In order to register for a Norwegian language course at UiB, you must belong to one of the groups listed below. The registration procedure is different for each group. Specified information about entry requirements and the application/registration process is given for each group.

International students

  • Entry requirement: granted admission to a Master's program at UiB or granted admission as an exchange student  
  • Sign up for a course: international students granted admission to UiB may sign up for a Norwegian language course at Studentweb during the semester registration period.
  • Spring semester 2021:
    • Studentweb opens for Norwegian course semester registration on 22 December 2020
    • Registration deadline: 1 February 2021
  • Please note that there are a limited amount of seats for the Norwegian language courses, and the seats reserved for international students will be given on a first-come first-served policyWe will however reserve a few seats at level 2, 3 and 4 for new international students that have studied Norwegian at their home University
    • If the courses are full, you may sign up for our waiting list. You should also visit studentWeb regulary in (late) December/January to see if there are any seats opening up. 
  • In order to sign up for the courses NOR-U2, U3 and U4 you will have to meet the language entry requirement. Please see Placement Test below for further information.     

International employees at UiB and partners

  • Entry requirement: international employees must be employed by UiB in a 100% position for 6 months, or 50% position for 12 months. Partners of international employees may also apply for admission to a Norwegian language course.
  • Course application: applications must be registered at SøknadsWeb 

Note (04.11.2020)! We have experienced some technical difficulties with applicatoin web, so if you encounter any problems submitting your application, please contact us by writing to studynorwegian@uib.no  

Refugees and immigrants holding a residence permit

Placement Test

In order to register for NOR-U2, NOR-U3NOR-U4 and NOR-UNN you will have to meet the language entry requirements specified in the course list. However, if you have in other ways acquired equivalent knowledge and skills in Norwegian, you may complete a placement test in order to qualify for admission.

  • The placement test is only available for internatianal students and international employees & partners
  • The placement test can not replace a previous exam result of one of the NOR-U courses
  • The placement test is not graded and we do not issue any certificate of the test 

  • It is not possible to appeal the result of the placement test.

  • Students who have qualified for a level after taking the placement test, may be moved up or down a level after the course has started. This is because language skills are better evaluated in class.

SIGN UP FOR THE PLACEMENT TEST (Students & employees/partners of employees only). Remember that you also need to apply for the courses. Employees/Partners need to register their applications in SøknadsWeb, international students must sign up for the course in StudentWeb after they receive the result of the placement test.

If you are an international employee/partner of employee, then you will complete the test between  4 -11 December. Details will be given in a separate email. International students will complete the test between 4 - 13 January

Norwegian language proficiency – requirement for general admission and application for permanent residency and citizenship

The Norwegian language courses offered at UiB are courses that can lead students to pass the examination of NOR-U3, which will give them the Norwegian language proficiency demanded by the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service to be admitted to Norwegian universities and colleges.

If you can document with a transcript of records that you have passed either NOR-U1 and NOR-U2 (or NOR-U1/2) or NOR-U2 and NOR-U3 (30 CREDITS), this will be  sufficient Norwegian knowledge for permanent residency and citizenship in Norway. You apply to the municipality to get an exemption for the Norwegian requirements. In Bergen kommune, write to: nygard.skole@bergen.kommune.no

We do not offer social studies as a part of our Norwegian courses, and we do not write confirmation of attendance at our courses.


Confirmation and transcript of records

We do not write confirmation of attendance at our courses. The only exemption is if NAV requires it for immigrants/refugees.

To get a confirmation that you have passed a Norwegian course, please go to this page for information about transcript of records and the diploma registry. Together with a link to the course description, this will be sufficient for most purposes.

Already a student?

E-mail account and Mitt UiB

 All students and employees at the UiB must have an individual user’s account giving access to Mitt UiB, e-mail, and to computers at UiB. 

• International students/Master's student create an account in sebra, students

   Immigrants/refugees: create an account in sebra, students

• Employees create an account in Sebra, employees


• Partners create a student account through two steps: 

Step 1 – register at studentweb

1. Go to StudentWeb

2. Login using your Norwegian ID number and click on “Send new PIN to your email”

3. Once you are able to login to Student Web you will be able to change your personal PIN

4. Please note that on the top right side (profile) you will find your Student no. 

5. Please complete all the steps for “Registrations” 

6. NB! You are admitted for the Norwegian language course in the category “spouse or partner of an employee”. Therefore, you do not need to pay the semester fee. Please ignore the message “The semester fee has not been paid for Spring 2019” – this is not relevant for you. 

7. If you have already paid the semester fee, and wish to have a refund, please have a look at this page: http://www.uib.no/en/student/89610/semester-fee-refund  

Step 2 – register at SEBRA

1. Go to SEBRA

2. Click on create account: “Student”

3. Click on “I wish to create account now” at the bottom of the page

4. Enter your 11-digit ID, student no. and PIN (found at Studentweb)

5. Now your username will appear – please make a note of this!

6. Create your own password

7. You should now be able to log in to Mitt UiB and webmail. If it does not work immediately, please wait 2 hours and re-try login, since the system might need some time to synchronize with studentweb.  


International Agreement and Programme Students / Refugees and Immigrants

Persons admitted to the Norwegian language courses as an international agreement or programme student, as well as refugees and immigrants, will find information about exam registration on this page: Examination and Diploma. 

The exam registration deadline is 1 February for the spring semester and 1 September for the fall semester.

Employees at the UiB and their partners

Employees at the UiB and their partners who are admitted to the Norwegian language courses will be signed up for the exam by the administration at the Faculty of Humanities.