UiB students on campus
Randi Bertelsen og Anders Flataker Viken

Muscle strength can influence sexual function in aging men

New research indicates that muscle strength may play a more significant role in adult men's sexual lives than previously known. The researchers behind the study aim to break the taboos concering sexual dysfunction among men.

Photo of phytoplankton – the foundation of the oceanic food chain.
Feb 21

OCEAN FUTURES 2030: Science and diplomacy for ocean governance – our common ocean

This special science diplomacy event on the ocean/climate/biodiversity nexus brings together different stakeholders to discuss how to protect, explore, exploit, and share the goods from the high seas as the common heritage of humankind. The event is free and open to all.

SDG Conference Bergen 2024
Fokus i bildet er på en lyspære, men man aner at bak foregår det en konferanse

Sustainability in focus: Should researchers be activists?

«We are well aware that a significant change is necessary. We have the knowledge that is needed. Now we must figure out what to do,» professor Håvard Haarstad at UiB says. The seventh SDG Conference in Bergen will be held from 7.-9. February. We ask: What should be the role of universities?

Image from the de hoop exhibition showing insights into the lifestyles and behaviours of early humans.

We are all one

A new SapienCE exhibition has opened in South Africa. The 'Origins of Early Southern Sapiens Behaviour” showcases unique archaeological discoveries offering visitors a distinct cultural experience in the heart of the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

De to landene Palestina og Israel sine flagg med et kart som også illustrerer landområdet Gaza.

Information for students about the Israel/Gaza crisis

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has led to large civilian casulties and a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Here can you as a students find relevant information.