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New geopolitics demand new thinking on ocean equity

The rise in ocean temperature in the past year is one of the most urgent threats to global equity and thus to global stability in a new geopolitical landscape. How can science contribute to solutions to this challenge?

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Kvinne med halvalngt hår i grå jakke

This Argument Makes Young People Supportive of Gender Quotas

Some Norwegian politicians that are skeptical about gender quotas in politics are positive about gender quotas in the leadership of religious organizations, according to new research.

Yan Li by the shore in Bergen, known as "the capital of the fjords".

Predicting “freak waves”

Yan Li, an associate professor at the Department of Mathematics and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, has been working on developing theoretical models to predict the occurrence probability of so-called “rogue waves” or “freak waves.” These waves can be approximately three times higher than the...

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Unexpected Findings about Survivors of Sexual Violence

More than 10,000 interviews and a new method show that survivors of conflict-related sexual violence are actually more engaged in their communities afterwards.

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Nine new honorary doctors at the University of Bergen

Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Camille Norment, Mads Bryde Andersen, Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson, Alberto Ascherio, Trond Petersen, Lynn Meskell, Jeanne C. Watson and Anne Larigauderie received the prestigious honorary doctorate from the University of Bergen on May 24.