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150 years since the discovery of leprosy
Gergard Armauer Hansen

The curious doctor who changed the world

2023 will be the 150th anniversary since Gerhard Armauer Hansen discovered the bacteria that causes leprosy. What the young doctor observed through his microscope, was a scientific breakthrough that helped transform how we view disease and infection.

University alliances
bilde av universitetsmuseet sett fra muséhagen

UiB joins the university alliance CHARM-EU

Eight European universities have formed the CHARM-EU alliance. In January 2023, it became clear that UiB will enter as the ninth and final partner.

Sein Rokkan Prize
Rokkan Prize 2022

"Theoretically ambitious, methodologically rigorous, and empirically rich" - Vineeta Yadav wins the 2022 Stein Rokkan Prize

Vineeta Yadav’s exploration of the effect of religious parties on civil liberties earns her unanimous recognition from the 2022 Stein Rokkan Prize Jury, who commend its scope, originality and innovativeness and note its significant contribution to the comparative social science research.

New Science paper
bile av elv i Amazonas med grønt frodig landskap rundt

Human impact destroying the Amazon ecosystems faster than ever

A new Science paper shows that human-caused changes to Amazonian ecosystems are hundreds to thousands of times faster than those of natural climatic and geological processes.

News | Artificial Intelligence
Miriyam Khan at the Alan Turing Institute

Gaining valuable knowledge from world-leading researchers

NORA Research School provides exchange opportunities for PhD students in AI related fields. Mariyam Khan just arrived at The Alan Turing Institute in London for a six-month research stay.