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Kangaroo Mother Care.

Kangaroo Mother Care Reduces Infant Mortality

When newborn babies with low birth weight are held close to their motherĀ“s bodies throughout the day, their chance of survival increases substantially.

Early human life
Rhizomes plant

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are

New research proves that our ancestors cooked starchy rhizome 170 000 years ago. The study also implies that the food was shared as a social act around the fire.

Heart failure

Half of women with heart failure get the wrong treatment

As many as 50 per cent of women suffering from cardiac arrest are given insufficient treatment, because the heart failure was not caused by a heart attack.

Professor Katherine Richardson from the University of Copenhagen speaking at the second national SDG Conference Bergen in February 2019.
Feb 05

2020 SDG Conference programme

The programme for the 2020 SDG Conference Bergen: Wednesday 5 (Day Zero), Thursday 6 and Friday 7 February.


iEarth chosen as Centre of Excellence in Education

iEarth becomes one of the Norwegian Centres of Excellence in Education. The University of Bergen now hosts two of the prestigious centres that focus on innovative and forward-looking education.