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Universitetsmuseet, naturhistorie

The University Museum of Bergen aims to do high quality research related to collections within Cultural and Natural History, some of the largest collections in Norway. We preserve and keep the collections in accordance with international standards and make the collections accessible to researchers and the society. 

The University Museum of Bergen is an arena offering science communication for the whole University of Bergen and is facilitating meeting points between academia and society.

You find our exhibitions in Museplassen 3 (Natural History) and Haakon Sheteligs plass 7 (Cultural History). Cultural History is closed to the public awaiting renovation.


Welcome to One Ocean Seminars at The University Museum

Meet the scientists of the Museum and learn about our research! In connection with One Ocean Week there will be given seminars at the University Museum - all are welcome!
Hypselodoris maritima, Penghu, Taiwan

Fieldtrip to Taiwan

Sampling on the periphery of the coral triangle

Professor Wranik (yellow coat) in action

Alien species

Collaborative work between the University of Rostock and the Natural History Museum of Bergen

Gåsenebbhval Espegrend

Scientists found 30 plastic bags in whale's stomach

A sick goose-beaked whale was found on the west coast of Norway. Its stomach was filled eith 30 plastic bags, and many smaller pieces of plastic. The whale was emaciated, and scientists believe that the plastic had gathered in such an amount in its stomach that it had created a plug, stopping the...

West African New Species of Gastropods

Museum scientists describe new species of gastropods from West Africa

Samples of gastropods collected along West Africa during the Nansen Project between 2005–2012 turn out to be new species to Science