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The Coronavirus
Illustrasjon korona

The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

University of Bergen's Central Information Site About the Coronavirus
Digital meetings
eksempler på bakgrunnsbilder

Background images for Zoom and Teams

UiB background images for use in Zoom meetings. You will have to upload these images into Zoom. In Teams these images are already possible to use.
Cleaning up www.uib.no
Illustrasjon: uib.no på laptop

18 June 2020: Outdated content on www.uib.no will be deleted

Outdated content gives unwanted search hits, gives a poor user experience and makes the system slower.


Security centre at UiB: +47 55 58 80 81 (staffed 24-hours a day)

If there is a risk to life, health or safety, you must always first notify the fire brigade (110), police (112) or ambulance services (113)

Safety at University of Bergen