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Scams with e-mail from UiB sender

Many UiB users have received an email purporting to be from a UiB sender and referring to UiB webmail. This is a hoax!

Christmas Concert
Dec 16

Welcome to Our Lunch Break Christmas Concert!

UiB Alumni invites you to the yearly Christmas Concert at the Universitetsaulaen. This year's concert will be on Monday the 16th of December.


Deadlines for sending Christmas mail 2019

Are you going to send packages or post to other countries, it's important to look at deadlines . For Christmas mail in Norway recommended latest 12 December.

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UiB’s new research data archive is ready for use

It is now possible to make your research data available in UiB’s open research data archive.


Security centre at UiB: +47 55 58 80 81 (staffed 24-hours a day)

If there is a risk to life, health or safety, you must always first notify the fire brigade (110), police (112) or ambulance services (113)

Safety at University of Bergen