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UiB’s new research data archive is ready for use

It is now possible to make your research data available in UiB’s open research data archive.


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Do you like to follow the news in other languages? Or from other parts of the world? The library provides instant access to today's newspapers from around the world in full-color, full-page format.


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Staff and students at UiB can use all the electronic resources from their own computers, from home, or when off-campus

Academic lunch
Nov 06

Academic lunch: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Ethics

With the development of artificial intelligence and automation, many of society's difficult, dangerous or tedious tasks have been taken over by machines and robots.

Books written by Nobel Prize winners 2017

Photo and handwritten text

The University Library of Bergen's special collections

The Department for Special Collections forms part of the University Library of Bergen, itself a continuation of the old Bergen`s Museum`s Library, founded in 1825. The Special Collections incorporates gifts, donations and acquisitions of images, especially photographs, manuscripts, diplomas, maps, antiquarian books and newspapers.

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