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Medicine and Dentistry

Overview of resources and library services at the Medical Library.

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The Medical Library is open for students and employees. Our circulation desk has limited opening hours, but our digital services are still available. Until new information is published at uib.no/en/ub the following applies:

  • Students and employees have access to the library during our opening hours.
  • The access to working spaces is limited due to protective measures by distancing
  • The Library's group study rooms are now a part of UiB's system for room booking. The maximum amount of persons per room is limited at the moment. Read more about study spaces at UiB
  • More about the University Library’s services
  • Feel free to contact us by email (ubbmed@uib.no) to make an appointment for digital guidance or if you have any other questions to the Medical Library. You can also contact the University Library via UiBHjelp or by chat.
  • For updated information regarding UiB see uib.no/en/corona