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Medicine and Dentistry

Overview of resources and library services at the Medical Library.

The Medical Library temporarily closed, but our digital services and guidance are still available. Read more about the current services at uib.no/en/ub

  • You can disregard overdue notices until new information is available on our web pages.
  • Feel free to contact us by email (ubbmed@ub.uib.no) to make an appointment for digital guidance or if you have any other questions to the Medical Library.
  • You can also contact the University Library via UiBHjelp.
  • For more information on the library’s services at the time, take a look at our information pages.
  • For updated information regarding UiB see https://www.uib.no/en/corona

You can request books, articles and other documents from the University Library’s physical collection. Send a request in Oria and pick up your order when you have received a pick-up message. The pick-up point at the Medical Library is at the main entance of the BB-building (se picture). More information

The get to the main entrance of the BB-building,
- descend the steps along the BB-building, starting from Haukelandsbakken close to the Ulriken cable car station (see picture).
- before entering the parking garage at the HUS central block south, go up the street to the right, past the emergency room reception and further to the right past the Laboratoriebygget and Verkstedbygget.
In case you cannot access the library's pick-up point, e.g. by wheelchair, please let us know (ubbmed@ub.uib.no | +47 55 58 66 77).