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Library courses in the curriculum, compulsory reading, book suggestions

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The University Library can contribute to education at UiB:

Library courses in the curriculum

For study programs which require skills in literature search, source evaluation and referencing, the University Library offers courses that are incorporated into the curriculum. The date and content should be adjusted to the course of studies.
To arrange a library course:

  1. Look through the University Library's course catalog
  2. Choose relevant content
  3. Contact us via ubbmed@uib.no

We are then going to assemble a suitable course program, which can either be one course that is relevant for a subject, or a series of courses streching across several semesters.

Example for a master studies course program:

  • Introduction to literature search and source evaluation (1st semester)
  • Advanced literature searching techniques in relevant databases (3rd semester)
  • Use of reference management tools such as EndNote (3rd semester)

Compulsory reading

The University Library wants to ensure access to compulsory reading for as many students as possible. It is therefore necessary that the library has access to reading lists of UiB courses. Handling of reading lists entries:

  • Books are purchased for the library's collection, either in print or electronically
  • Scientific articles are accessible either by subscribtion or the literature kiosk

Leganto, the system for managing and publishing reading lists, eases the students' task of getting an overview of compulsory reading. The digital reading lists are reviewed by the library and are easily accessible for students, instructors, coordinators, the library and Akademika.
Read more about digital reading lists

Book purchase suggestions

Are you considering to replace the compulsory reading for a course or want to suggest books to the library? Send us a purchase suggestion.

The subject librarians are going to assess the suggestion and send you a response whether the book will be added to our collection.