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UiB's innovation work is based on the entire scope of our subject areas. We want the ideas of our students and employees to be realized in society, and to contribute to a more well-functioning and sustainable society, either through commercial or non-commercial avenues.

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UiB joins international cooperation to innovate vaccine development

Through the international vaccine project "Inno4Vac", the University of Bergen will contribute to research and innovation to enable faster development and production of new vaccines.

Students trying VR

Students at the Vanguard of Innovation

During the "Student Show & Tell: Explorations of new technology in the media" the audience were presented with the students' innovative use of new technology for media purposes.

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Sahlsa project map

SAHLSA - UiB part of an innovative new Health System project in Latin America

Ana Lorena Ruano, from the Centre for International Health, is leading a new NORHED II project in partnership with 2 Latin American institutions. The project will professionalize a new generation of leaders in the field of Health Policy & Systems Research (HPSR) that represent the region’s...

The University of Bergen's strategy for 2019–2022 points out how UiB, through innovation and facilitation of entrepreneurship, can increase collaboration with research institutions, business and the public sector and thereby contribute to developing society both locally, nationally, and globally

UiB's social mission related to innovation is rooted in UiB's research, education and dissemination activities in a broad sense and embraces all sectors of society. In line with UiB's strategy "Knowledge that shapes society", the focus of UiB's innovation work will be on societal effects and contributions to a more well-functioning and sustainable society, and thus go beyond commercialization and increased value creation through economic growth.

UiB places great emphasis on creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and employees, both in education, research, and dissemination. This entails interaction and exchange of experience across UiB, the establishment of meeting places, but also expectations that the various disciplines are given the opportunity to develop content and relevance based on their own professional traditions. The work is outlined in the Action Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.