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Collaborate with UiB on innovation?

UiB has numerous forms of collaboration with industry and business. Centers for research-driven innovation, business PhDs, and participation in a number of clusters and other networks are some forms of collaboration. Get in touch if you want to collaborate with an international research university on an innovation project.

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Centers for research-driven innovation (SFI)

UiB coordinates two centers for research-driven innovation, and is a partner in four. The program will strengthen the pace of innovation in Norway through long-term research-driven innovation, where outstanding research institutions and research-intensive companies meet and find solutions together.

See which centers for research-driven innovation UiB is participating in now.


UiB is present on several arenas where we collaborate with business and public institutions. We have established collaborative arenas through the knowledge clusters and participate in business clusters in the region.

  • UiB's knowledge clusters

UiB has six knowledge clusters in the areas of media, health, marine, climate, energy and technology and the Middle Ages.

  • Health incubator

In collaboration with Helse Bergen and VIS the university has established the medical incubator Eitri.

  • Business clusters

UiB is also a member of several business clusters: 

NCE Maritime Cleantech develops energy-efficient, environmentally, and climate-friendly solutions for the maritime sector.

GCE Ocean Technology develops innovative marine technology in renewable energy, marine food production, marine mineral resources and oil and gas production.

NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster develops sustainable solutions for the seafood industry.

NCE Media brings together companies, research and educational institutions and others to facilitate innovation in the media industry.

NCE Finance Innovation brings together 80 members in finance and technology development.

NOSCA Clean Oceans works especially with oil spills, and the UiB-owned institute NORCE is a member.

Proptech Innovation focuses on innovative solutions in the real estate and construction industry. NORCE is a member.

  • Catapults

Norwegian Catapult are national centers, with public support, that deliver facilities, equipment and expertise to small and medium-sized companies, to make it easier to develop prototypes, test, visualize and simulate new solutions.

Ocean Innovation - delivers design, prototyping, testing, and verification to the maritime industry.

Sustainable Energy - development and testing of sustainable systems for production, storage, distribution, and management of energy.


VIS is UiB's local tool for raising ideas with innovative potential further into socially beneficial and commercial services and products. VIS receives research ideas from employees at UiB and helps them further so that they provide increased value for society.

NORCE is one of Norway's largest research institutes, and UiB is the largest owner. NORCE conducts basic research, applied research and research-driven innovation in many areas, often in close collaboration with UiB.

Do you need to develop cutting-edge expertise?

Through the schemes Industrial Ph.D. and Public Sector Ph.D., candidates can complete their research education while they are employed in a company or in a public enterprise. The Research Council can support up to 50% of the current PhD rate. If your company needs research capacity, this can be a way to connect with a PhD research fellow with 50% support.

You can read more about the schemes here.