Strategy 2023–2030
World-class knowledge clusters

Knowledge Clusters

The establishment of knowledge clusters is one of several working methods by which UiB will reach its goal to develop outstanding research and education environments of excellence.

Photo showing the Knowledge Clusters in the city of Bergen
Eivind Senneset

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The clusters are based on interdisciplinary collaboration to solve complex issues. The clusters are established
in areas in which UiB already possesses high international academic quality, but also in other areas where there is an opportunity for comprehensive cooperation between academic environments internally at UiB and external partners in research institutions,
business, public administration and cultural and societal entities.

These activities will to a significant extent be financed through externally acquired funding in the stragy period of 2016-2022.


The following clusters are being formed:

Media City Bergen  

The Healthcare cluster

The Marine Research cluster

The Climate Research cluster

The Energy and technology cluster

The Medieval Research cluster