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Study places in the library

There are many study places available at each of the University Library locations, both for group work and individual study.  Wi-fi and power outlets are available.

Please note that most of the libraries have many drop-in places available.

Reservation of workspaces 

You can reserve a workspace at these libraries:

  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library (All workspaces including group rooms must be booked in advance)
  • Law Library (About half of the workingspaces are drop-in workspaces which do not require reservation)
  • Social Sciences, Music and Psychology Library (Most of the workspaces are drop-in places. But the group room and some of the individual places must be booked in advance)
  • Medical Library (Group rooms must be booked in advance.  Individual work-spaces are for drop-in. Only students with card-access to the BBB-building can use the workspaces)

To reserve a individual workspace in the library, choose Student work space in the booking system. To reserve a group room, choose  Room booking - Study group room.  Group rooms are booked by one person. 

When you arrive at the library, confirm that you are using your reserved workspace by scanning the QR-code there. You must confirm that you are using the space within 30 minutes of the start of your reservation.

You can also find information about the reservation system at www.uib.no/en/student.

In these libraries there is no reservation of workspaces and all seats are available for drop-in use

  • Arts and Humanities Library
  • Fine Art and Design Library

Infection control

The corona measures at UiB will be phased out on 25. September.

Please stay especially conscious of good hand hygiene still. When you use a workspace, you can clean any surfaces before you start and when you are finished. You will find cleaning materials available at multiple places in the libraries.

Unstaffed libraries

The Law Library and The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library are offering unstaffed library. This means that students and employees at the university can access the library outside of our staffed opening hours.