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The Digital Lab (D-Lab) is an interdisciplinary hub for researchers, lecturers, and students, on-site and digitally. The lab is a space to learn, to discuss, and to apply various digital tools and methods.

The lab organizes various events on knowledge exchange, training and support in topics such as the use of digital source material, open research, programming, possibilities for analysis and visualization, etc.

Network and resource group

The D-lab engages with human resources, both from the university library and research community at the university. These contribute to the events with technical and subject-specific expertise. Within the humanities, the lab coordinates the Digital Humanities Network.

Please do not hesitate to contact the working group of the D-lab at the university library if you wish to discuss ideas or want to take initiative for new events in cooperation with us.

Summer school
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Participating at the Oxford Digital Humanities Summer School

Every summer, PhD students and scholars can spend a week at an Oxford College, learning about the digital humanities. Magnus Knustad shares his experiences of the Digital Humanities Summer School.

research infrastructure
Alois Pichler

Infrastructure funds allocated to the Wittgenstein Archive

The Wittgenstein Archive (WAB) has been awarded 1,670,000 NOK (about 167,000 EUR) for quality assurance and updating of the world's research infrastructure for Wittgenstein's Nachlass.