Digital Lab
Digital Lab

The onsite D-Lab

The Digital Lab is equipped with flexible furniture and extensive technical equipment. The lab is located in the Arts and Humanities Library.

The Digital lab area in the library
The University of Bergen Library

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The physical Digital Lab facilities are located at the Arts and Humanities Library. They are equipped with flexible furniture and extensive technical equipment.

The D-Lab has its own rooms in the teaching area of the Arts and Humanities Library: in the 1. floor of the book tower and in the basement. Flexible furniture and extensive technical equipment create an inviting environment for teaching, courses, workshops, seminars and other activities.

The D-Lab is integrated with the DH-Network and research groups at the University of Bergen, which contribute to the lab resources and can make use of the lab infrastructures.

Do not hesitate to take contact with the D-Lab coordinator if you would like to get more information or wish to use the facilities.