Digital Lab


The Digital Lab (D-Lab) at the University of Bergen Library is an interdisciplinary hub for researchers, lecturers, and students, on-site and digitally. The lab is a space to learn, to discuss, and to apply various digital tools and methods. With the activities offered within the lab, we aim to create an environment for the exchange and creation of knowledge through targeted research on digital methods and tools, and through collaboration, and dissemination of knowledge within an open framework. Our mission is to engage students, researchers and lecturers in addressing various disciplines within the broader context of digitalization and the usage of digital tools to approach various research topics. In pursuing this mission, the Digital Lab provides space for exchange, training, and try and error, where interdisciplinary groups can collaborate and address key questions related to the challenges they are working on. The Digital Lab also fosters opportunities for students and researchers to share their work and to receive feedback from a more diverse group.