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Access to articles and books

Search in subject databases:
To get access to full text articles, the databases have to be accessed via the University Library's web pages. That way you will find a UBB-button beside the article reference in the database, which links to the full text via Oria and enables requesting articles that lack full text access. 

Search in Oria:
Click the document title in the list of results. You find a full text link in the "View it" section. If full text access is missing, you can sign in at Oria to request the article. Take a look at the Oria help page to find out more about searching, sign in and requesting documents in Oria.

Access off-campus:
When working from home, you can connect to UiB's network by proxy or VPN.The University Library's home pages will automatically route you to the proxy server when necessary. Use your UiB username and password to sign in by proxy. Employees at Helse Bergen have to contact their IT department to set up a home office solution.

Access to books:
You can find printed and electronic books that are available at the University Library in Oria. If you want to suggest a book for the library collection, you can send a purchase suggestion or contact us at ubbmed@ub.uib.no.

Publishing and networking

For questions regarding publishing, contact the University Library via the email address bora@uib.no.

There are various services available that help to disseminate your research and get in contact with others in your research field. you can keep track of your research impact with the aid of statistics for viewing and downloading, citations and publications.
The University Library can offer you advice on improving your researcher visibility, bibliometric analyses and publishing statistics (in Norwegian). 

Open access publishing contributes to the dissemination of your research results. Research financed with public funds shall be accessible to the public, according to the national guidelines for open access to research articles.

At the University of Bergem, researchers may apply for funding of article processing charges (APC) when publishing in Open Access journals.
Read more about the publishing service Bergen Open Access Publishing (BOAP) 
and the Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA)

The University Library can give advice on