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Bibliometrics group at the University Library

Bibliometric analysis

The Bibliometrics group at the University of Bergen Library works with analysis of publishing activity at UiB

A map showing publications by country
Bibliometrics group (UiB), from bibliometri.w.uib.no

The Bibliometrics group at the University Library is responsible for the annual report on scientific publishing at the University of Bergen (in norwegian only). This report summarises the university's publishing activity, with visualisations showing aspects such as trends over time, national and international cooperation, and publishing in strategic priority areas at UiB.

The Bibliometrics group is represented in UiB's "analysegruppe", the BOA team, and national committees and projects for bibliometrics.

The group also accepts requests from research and administrative staff who are interested in some aspect of publishing at UiB. Recently, such requests have included:

  • Trends in co-publishing between UiB and certain institutions
  • Finding publications which resulted from certain projects
  • Publishing activity by type of position at a particular faculty
  • Bibliometric mapping of research contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals