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Rights retention policy

Rights retention policy for open access to scholarly articles

The University of Bergen has adopted a rights retention policy for scholarly articles.

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The goal of the University of Bergen is to make scholarly publications openly available. Scholarly articles are to be published open access or to be made available in open repositories. To achieve this goal and comply with funder requirements, while enabling researchers to publish in the journal of their choice, UiB has adopted the following policy from 1st December 2022.

  • UiB has a non-exclusive right to make all scholarly articles authored by employees and students affiliated with UiB available under the terms of a Creative Commons license.
  • Employees and students may request a waiver of the policy for a particular article. The waiver request does not need to be explained.
  • UiB will make the scholarly articles openly available in the institutional repository. For articles that are published open access under a Creative Commons license, the published version will be made available with the license it is published under. For articles that are not published open access, the author accepted manuscript will be made available by default with a Creative Commons Attribution – CC BY license.
  • The Rector is responsible for interpreting this policy and resolving disputes concerning its interpretation and application.

The rights retention policy applies to scholarly articles submitted after 1st December 2022. The policy does not apply to scholarly articles submitted before the policy was adopted.

Researchers shall upload their accepted manuscript of scholarly articles in Cristin to make them available in UiB’s open repository. The manuscript will be made available without an embargo under a CC BY license, in accordance with the rights retention policy. Authors may request a waiver from the rights retention policy for a particular article using the waiver form. The form may also be used to request that the author accepted manuscript is made available with a different license than CC BY or that an embargo is applied to the manuscript. Authors who wish to permanently choose a different default license than CC BY to be applied to their future accepted manuscripts when they are made available in BORA, may do so in the waiver form. 

The rights retention policy is included in the University of Bergen Policy for Open Science.

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