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How to use Oria

Instructions on how you can use Oria for searching and requesting documents

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Oria is a search engine where you can find physical and digital resources available at the University Library, such as books, eBooks, articles, journals, encyclopedias, PhD theses, music, and films. Additionally, you have the option to search for resources across other academic libraries in Norway.

This page provides brief instructions on how to use various features in Oria.

Signing in  

To place requests and reserve items, you need to sign in to your Oria account. University of Bergen students and employees can sign in via Feide using their UiB username and password, while Helse Bergen employees can use "Username and password" as their login method (using their library card number as the User ID). 

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My Account 

In «My Account» you can get an overview of your loans, requests, notifications, fines and fees. 

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Searching in Oria

Enter your search words in the search field and click "Search in Oria". To search for a specific title, it's helpful to put the title in quotation marks. You can search by one or more keywords and utilize search techniques such as truncation.
For even more precise searches and better search results, you can switch to Advanced Search. Here you can combine specific search fields like title, author, classification, subjects and ISBN using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). You can also use other filters to make your search more precise.

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Customizing search results and saving searches 

You can refine your search results using the right-side panel in Oria. You can either expand the search or narrow it down by using filters such as material type, publication date, or language.
If you're signed in, you can save and manage your searches, as well as save individual references.
Additionally, you can send references by email or to reference management programs (such as EndNote).

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Waiting list, requests, purchase suggestions

If what you need is checked out, you can request the item in Oria, which will place you on a waiting list.
You'll receive a notification via SMS and/or email when the material is ready for pickup at your library.
Books and journal articles not available in our own collections can also be requested in Oria, if you are a UiB student or a UiB/Helse Bergen employee.
If you wish to submit a purchase suggestion, we have a dedicated form for this.

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Find databases 

Click «Databases» below the search field on the library homepage, or in the top menu in Oria, to find links to quality-assured databases. You can limit the list of databases to your field of study or search for a specific database. When using the databases, it's advisable to check their respective help pages for guidance.

Access to electronic literature 

In Oria, you can find e-books, journal articles, and other electronic resources with links to full text. You can also find e-resources not currently accessible but available for request.
If you're off-campus and/or working on a private computer, you need to connect to VPN to access our resources. (Note! Split tunneling cannot be used)
Employees at Helse Bergen have access to UiB's electronic resources (with some exceptions) in their workplace/within the hospital network.

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Find journals

Search for the journal's title or ISSN in the search field in Oria to find both print and electronic journals.
To get a list and direct links to journals with electronic access, you can use the link to e-journals in the Oria top menu.
To browse e-journals across subject areas and get an overview of the content of specific issues, you can use BrowZine.

Need help?

If you experience issues with search, access, or signing in to Oria:

  • Ensure you're in UiB's Oria at https://uib.oria.no/ 
  • If you came to Oria from external sources such as Google or PubMed, perform the search again directly in Oria.
  • Clear your cookies and cache, or switch to another browser or device.
  • If it still doesn't work, contact your library for further assistance.