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Library services for employees at Helse Bergen - clinical decision support, databases, help with literature search

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The library offers help in finding reliable answers to clinical questions swiftly.
See below for more information and a list of useful resources.

Clinical decision support tools and guidelines

All health personnel in Norway have access to UpToDate, BMJ Best practice and clinical guidelines via helsebiblioteket.no.

UptoDate offers evidence-based clinical information for physicians in primary care and hospitals with practical answers about diagnosis and treatment. Updated continuously, includes information for patients.

BMJ Best Practice is an evidence-based clinical decision support tool for diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention. It combines the latest research evidence, guidelines and expert opinion. Includes information for patients.

National and international guidelines are available via helsebiblioteket.no (Norwegian web page).

Synthesised research

Several databases focus on gathering and presenting synthesised research.

Cochrane Library comprises a group of databases that contain high quality studies of various types. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) contains all systematic reviews of the Cochrane Collaboration in full text. Cochrane Clinical Answers is an easily readable collection of anwers to clinical questions, based on Cochrane Systematic Reviews.

Epistemonikos contains refferences to systematic reviews on clinical questions. Systematic reviews, broad syntheses, structured summaries and primary studies are interlinked. Epistemonikos systematically searches PubMed and several other databases for systematic reviews and includes clinically relevant topics.

Pyramidesøket for helsebiblioteket.no (McMaster) searches several databases simultaneously. Especially useful is the section PLUS, which contains reviews and primary studies that are assessed for quality by the McMaster University according to a set of criteria.

Find more databases and advice for literature search on the page Find subject literature.

Evidence-based practice

Working evidence-based entails the inclusion of relevant research in the decision making process. Synthesised reaseach is most relevant for this task. You can find an introduction to evidence-based practice on Kunnskapsbasertpraksis.no (in Norwegian).

The library offers guidance for dabase search and finding synthesised research.

Access to books and articles

Employees at Helse Bergen have the same access to electronic resources as employees at UiB (some exceptions apply). This applies to computers connected to the hospital net - at the office or home office. To find subject literature, search directly in databases such as PubMed or search in Oria.

Find full text via subject databases and Oria:
PubMed and other databases must be accessed from the University Library's web pages to get easy access to the full text. Accessing a database via our webpages enables the UBB-button to be displayed beside the references in the database. The UBB button links to the full text of the reference via Oria.
In Oria, you will find the link to the full text of the publication in the section called "View Online".

If the full text link is not available, you can sign in to Oria and request the article:
Click "Sign in", choose "username and password" and use your library card number as a user name (e.g. ubbXXXXXXX or XXX-XXXX). More information is available on the Oria help pages for sign in and searching.

Due to copyright, requested article copies often have to be delivered physically. If you have an office address registered at the library we can send requested articles via internal mail. To request books or articles you must be registered as a library user. Visit the Medical Library to create a user account and get a library card.

Access from home:
Employees at Helse Bergen must contact their IT department to set up a home office solution. If you also have an UiB account, you can connect to the network from home by VPN.

Purchase suggestions:
If you want to suggest books or journals, send a purchase request or contact us via ubbmed@uib.no