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The UiB Digital Humanities Network was established in December 2018, and includes researchers from all four departments in the Humanities Faculty, from Infomedia in the Social Sciences and from musicology in the Faculty of Art Music and Design. The network hosts events once or twice a month through 2019. We offer lightning talk sessions, where we hear about different DH projects at UiB, and workshops where participants can learn skills or discuss ideas, as seen in the image to the left. The network is led by Professor Jill Walker Rettberg.

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Summer school
stor fancy spisesal

Participating at the Oxford Digital Humanities Summer School

Every summer, PhD students and scholars can spend a week at an Oxford College, learning about the digital humanities. Magnus Knustad shares his experiences of the Digital Humanities Summer School.

Taina bucher lectures while gesturing at her powerpoint slide displaying two algoritmically created portrait 'photographs'

Recap: talks and workshop “how to do research on algorithms when you’re not a programmer”

Last week, we ended our semester with a full-day event on approaches to research algorithms without going into the code. Experts Ysabel Gerrard and Taina Bucher each gave a lecture and, in the workshop afterwards, participants discussed their ideas and obstacles on the ways in which they research...

Lars Johnson with powerpoint showing an N-gram in the background

Recap: Workshop on Mining Nasjonalbiblioteket

Last week, special guest Lars Johnsen gave a workshop for the DHNetwork on how to use data the National Library of Norway as a source for computational analysis. The varied groups of participants from the humanities, social sciences and university library learned to use different tools to analyze...

Charless Ess lectures while gesturing to his powerpoint on Ethical pluralism and cross-cultural awareness.

Recap: Talks and Workshop on Internet Research Ethics

In a well-attended afternoon, Charles Ess and Eva Payne gave talks about the state of the art of research ethics followed by a closed workshop session for students and researchers using social media data in their projects.