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Safety delegates

The safety delegates look after the employees' interests in matters concerning the working environment. The safety representatives have a supervisory function and are collaborative partners for the management.

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UiB's chief Safety delegate

June-Vibecke Knudtsen Indrevik is elected UiB's chief safety delegate for the period of 2023-2024.

Michael Peter Riisøen is the substitute representative.

Contact information

  • E-mail: UHVO@uib.no
  • Visiting address: Muséplass 2.
  • Postal address: Hovudverneombodet - Universitetet i Bergen - Postboks 7800 - 5020 Bergen.

Safety delegates' tasks, organisation and election.

Safety delegates' tasks

Safety delegates represent all employees in working environment matters. The safety delegates has a supervisory role, as well as being an important collaborator for the Line Management.


Safety delegates at UiB are divided into three levels:

  • The university's chief Safety delegate
  • Chief safety delegates
  • Local Safety delegates


At UiB Safety delegates at all levels are elected; local safety delegates, safety degelates at faculties and the universitys chief safety delegate.

Safety delegates are elected for a period of 2 years.


A poster has been prepared that can be used for posting at the unit in Norwegian(pdf, A3)

Facilitating and collaboration (NO)

The safety delegate is an important support for the Line Management.to ensure a fully safe working environment. Managers at all levels are responsible for involving the safety delegates in the arenas where the working environment is a topic.

Active collaboration

Guidelines for facilitation and cooperation between line managers and safety representatives shall ensure that sufficient time is set aside at all levels at UiB to carry out safety delegate work in a proper manner and ensure regular meeting points between safety delegates and line managers.

The guidelines state how facilitation and cooperation shall be organized and carried out, and that this must be evaluated annually.

Sufficient time

The guidelines state that the safety delegate shall have sufficient time to carry out their duties.

Regular meetings

Regular meetings must be held between the line manager and the safety delegate.

The university's chief safety delegate and chief delegates at faculties/departments are responsible for coordinating the safety delegates' activities within their area of responsibility with regular meetings.



User participation in construction matters

Information for managers, employees and the users about how user participation is included in the planning and implementation of construction matters at UiB (pdf) NO.

Safety delegate election

Elections to select safety delegates for the 2023-2024 period, was completed in the autumn 2022. Read more about the elction og safety delegates here.

Basic training in HSE

40-hour basic training in HSE will be offered to safety representatives in 2025.

Safety delegate folder UiB - the safety delegates blog

The chief safety delegates at UiB have prepared information for the safety delegates in a blog (NO).