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Employees and students shall report HSE non-conformities in UiBhelp.

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UiB's Guidelines for reporting and follow-up HSE non-conformities apply to employees and students.

What are HSE non-conformities?

UiB's definition of HSE non-conformities is "Adverse events and matters that have resultet in or may result in harm to people, the environment or material values".

This, in turn, is divided into HSE non-conformity categories

  • breaches of the health and safety legislation, guidelines and routines
  • personal injury that required medical treatment
  • work-related illness
  • minor personal injury
  • harmful emissions to the environment
  • adverse events with chemicals/gas, biological factors or radiation sources
  • third-party violence or threats (students should report such matters in the Speak up! system)
  • matters that reduce fire safety
  • breach of  the "Management system for securing buildings and values"(NO)
  • burglary and unauthorised entry to buildings and areas
  • significant structural damage to buildings
  • damage/loss of physical values as a result of fire, theft, vandalism, leaks or indoor climate issues

In the event of personal injury entailing a risk of infection or serious personal injury, the local line manager or information center at the faculty must be notified immidately so that measuers can be initiated. Then the ordinary reporting routines are followed.

What should not be reported as HSE non-conformities?

Because privacy and confidentiality must be protected in a responsible manner, there are some matters that should not be reported as HSE non-conformities.

The following circumstances must be reported and followed up in accordance with the current guidelines:


Building operations and repairs: Demand notice to Estate and Facilities Management division in Lydia

Cases related to building operations and repairs on materials/buildings are reported as a demand notice to the Estate and Facilities Management division in Lydia.

Major damage to materials and buildings, and system failures shall be reported as HSE non-conformities.

How to report HSE non-conformities in UiBhelp

HSE non-conformities are registered in Report from for HSE non-conformities in UiBhelp.

  • Select the form "Report form for HSE non-conformities" in UiBhelp and fill in the fields.
  • Mandatory fields in the report form are marked with *.
  • Tips/hints are associated with each field.
  • You will receive confirmation by e-mail when the HSE non-conformity is registered and when it is completed. You can also provide more information in the case along the way.
  • Under the button "My requests" in UiBhelp you will find your case.

Refunds for students

Students can apply to Sammen Health Fund for reimbursement of expenses for psychologists, dental damage as a result of an accident.

Report on behalf of others

External people cannot register in UiBhelp themselves, because it requires login with username and password.

If you report a HSE non-conformity on behalf of others, such as visitors or guest researchers, you must specify this in the report form.

NB: Work-related illness/injury that required medical treatment must be reported by the individual employee or student.

Follow-up of HSE non-conformities

It is your manager and the operator in UiBhelp who receives the HSE non-conformity and is responsible for following up and implementing measures.

Who is informed about the HSE non-conformity?

  • The person who reports the non-conformity.
  • Operator at the reporter's unit.
  • People the reporter chooses to share the HSE non-conformity with.

Overarching level:

  • Managers, Safety delegates at faculties and local safety delegates have access to an overall report of reported HSE non-conformities but cannot see the details.
  • If you need access to the report, the contact person for the operator group for HSE deviations at your faculty must send an order about this to the HR-department (HSE). If you do not know who the contact person is, you can contact the HSE group for information about this.

  • The university's chief safety delegate has access to all HSE non-conformities.

System responsible:

  • The Division of Human Resources has system responsibility and access to all HSE non-conformities.
  • The Estate and Facilities Management division has access to all HSE non-conformities.
  • The occupational health service is informed about and has access to all HSE non-conformities that include personal injury that required medical treatment and work-related illness.