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Biological risk factors, genetically modified organisms

Biological factors and genetically modified microorganisms

Information about biological agents, genetically modified microorganisms and committee for biosafety

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Microorganisms are found everywhere: in laboratories, industry, when dealing with patients or working with laboratory animals and fish, when travelling or sorting waste, on infected syringe needles and in the indoor climate, to name but a few places. The vast majority are harmless and essential; even so, many microorganisms can cause damage to health, illnesses and allergies.

For hazardous biological material, information sheets must be prepared containing information about

  • name,
  • supplier,
  • health-damaging properties,
  • risk of infection,
  • risk factors,
  • preventive measures,
  • first aid.

UiB has developet a reporting form that can be used, and the form can be uploaded to the EcoOnline, Chemical inventory.

Committee for Biosafety

A biosafety committee has been established. The committee shall be an advisory entity at UiB in connection with the use of biological risk factors and genetically modified organisms. The committee shall advise units in connection with approvals and applications, ensure that regulations are updated at all times, and assist with questions about risk assessment.

Inquiries to the committee can be made via the self-service portal UiBHelp, select the category "Get help" 


Guidelines relating to biological risk factors

Guideline for genetically modifies organisms