The HSE-gateway

Team: HSE and preparedness

The team has system responsibilities related to HSE and emergency preparedness, and also provides training and courses in HSE.

Main content

Team: HSE and preparedness are organized under the HR department's Section for working environment and organizational development.

Work areasSystemsCourses
  • Safety and emergency preparedness
  • Hazardous work environment
    • Chemicals
    • Biological factors
    • Radiation protection
  • Chemical inventory
  • Waste declaration
  • HSE non conformity system
  • Risk assessment
  • Preparedness system
  • Registration of fieldwork & research cruises
  • HSE course for safety delegates
  • Chemical inventory course
  • First aid course
  • HSE risk assessment and SJA course
  • Hazardous waste management course
  • Radiation protection course

Courses HSE