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Plastic cleanup at Hellesøy, illustration for the UiB sustainability web page.

The University of Bergen (UiB) is a research-intensive university where sustainability is, and has long been, a natural and integral part of all of our activities. We focus on sustainability in our research, teaching, innovation and operations. On these pages you will find some examples of how we work on sustainability in these areas, as well as an overview of future events and relevant matters.

Interdisciplinary climate research
Illustrations for the Climate Narratives prosjekt.

Climate stories from Greenland to Fiji

The ice is melting in Greenland, revealing new areas of land. At the same time, areas of land on the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean are being swallowed up as the sea level rises. An interdisciplinary project called ClimateNarratives will look at these connections and consequences and place...

Climate Research
Kronprins Haakon besøkte Bjerknessenteret.

The Crown Prince analysed his own snow samples

HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway visited the Bjerknes Centre to learn more about our research – and to check the snow he sampled himself in Greenland last summer.

UiB-rektor Margareth Hagen og TV-produsent James Honeyborne foran bilde av UiBs undervansrobot Ægir

UiB and Wild Space Productions collaborate on new Netflix documentary

The University of Bergen proudly announces a unique collaboration agreement with Wild Space Productions.

Plastic pollution research
Lisle Lyngøyna

Consequences of plastic pollution - and removal

In a new research project NORCE, The University of Bergen (UiB) and voluntary organizations are collaborating to find out how plastic pollution affects landscapes along the coast - and what happens when the plastic is removed.

Rector Margareth Hagen is handed a UN certificate from Lise Øvreås of SDG Bergen Ocean for the University of Bergen becoming UNAI SDG14 Hub 2021-2024 with Marine Director Amund Maage (left)  and Edvard Hvidingi of SDG Bergen Science Advice (right).

UiB is UNAI SDG14 Hub for 2021-2024

In 2018, the University of Bergen was appointed the SDG14 Hub for United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) for a three-year period. This month it has been announced that the university will enjoy three more years as SDG14 Hub.