UiB Sustainability

Standalone courses

We offer several standalone courses focusing on the UN sustainability goals and the challenges facing the world in the coming years. These courses can be included as open ECTS credits in most study programs at UiB.

Main content

ARQUS221 – Facing Grand Challenges: A European Research Programme

GOV108 – Climate Policy (10 sp)

GOV109 – Climate Policy (15 sp)

GOV212 – Climate, Crises and Societal Security. The Management of Wicked Problems.

CET201 – Sustainable innovation

ECON217 – Challenges of Global Poverty

FIL106 – Introduction to Environmental Ethics

FIL236 – Environmental Ethics

GEO125 – Economic Globalisation, Production Systems and Environment

GEO131 – Food Environment and Sustainable Development

GEO212 – Terrestrial Climate and Environmental Changes

GEO222 – Sustainability in an Urbanising World

GEO283 – Geographics of transformation: mitigating and adapting to rapid climate change

KLIMA200 – Climate stories

PSYK116 – Environmental Psychology

SANT103 – Materiality: Environment, Place and Economy

SDG110 – Perspectives on Sustainable Development

SDG200 – Ocean-Climate-Society: Sustainability summer course

SDG207 – Energy Transition

SDG213 – Causes and consequences of Climate Change

SDG214 – UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water

SDG215 – UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on land

SDG607 – Energy Transition

SDG303 – Global health – challenges and responses

SDG900 – PhD for Innovation. Interdisciplinary course from systems thinking through creative problem-solving to R&D management

VIT210 – Major Issues in Research and Society: The Human Being: Nature and Culture

VIT211 – Major Issues in Research and Society: Global Health: Ethics, Politics and Human Rights