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Vi er ikke bare forskere - vi er utforskere (t)

The Deep Sea - Earth's last frontier

The deep sea has been a mysterious place for the longest time, but we have made it our mission to reveal the unknown!

We are not only scientists - we are explorers.

The Centre for Deep Sea Research was established in 2021 as a result of a generous contribution from the Trond Mohn Foundation. The center carries on the competences from the former Center for Geobiology (2007-2017) and K. G. Jebsen Center for Deep Sea Research (2017-2021). The centre aims at being a leading international institution and pioneer of deep ocean research. Our research activities focus on the coupling between geological and biological processes in volcanic, hydrothermal and sedimentary environments in the deep sea. As well, we investigate biological diversity in these environments, and actively participate in the discovery of new mineral and biological ressources in the deep seas. The center is constituted of researchers from a broad range of disciplines working tightly together to understand the complex deep sea environments and reach our objectives.

green lab

Time to get green!

The geomicrobiology laboratory starts the "My green lab" certification.

Visiting student
Renee Hageman

Welcome Renee Hageman!

The Center for Deep Sea Research welcomes a guest student from the University of Utrecht.

Cruise 2021

The center's cruise 2021 is on!

As every year when summer starts, the Center for Deep Sea Research sets sails on the G.O SARS to investigate and sample the Nordic Seas.

The hydrothermal vent field of Paleochory bay on Milos

New article in Marine Geology

Geophysical characterization of a shallow hydrothermal system by an international team of researchers.

jakten på livet

Investigating the origins of life

Two PhD students from the Center for Deep Sea Research have written an article for Aftenposten on the search for the origins of life.