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Vi er ikke bare forskere - vi er utforskere (t)

The Deep Sea - Earth's last frontier

The deep sea has been a mysterious place for the longest time, but we have made it our mission to reveal the unknown!

We are not only scientists - we are explorers.

The Centre for Deep Sea Research was established in 2021 as a result of a generous contribution from the Trond Mohn Foundation. The center carries on the competences from the former Center for Geobiology (2007-2017) and K. G. Jebsen Center for Deep Sea Research (2017-2021). The centre aims at being a leading international institution and pioneer of deep ocean research. Our research activities aim at increasing our understanding of geological evolution, biological adaptations, species diversity and potential ressources in the least studied environement on earth: The Deep Sea. The center is constituted of researchers from a broad range of disciplines working tightly together to understand the complex deep sea environments and reach our objectives.


Acid mine drainage at a black smoker analogue

Last week, four members of the Centre for Deep Sea Research led a field excursion for the GEOV-109 Introduction to Geochemistry course at a former pyrite mine in Sunnhordland Geopark.

New project

Training the next generation of geoscientists for the green energy transition

The European Research Executive Agency has awarded one of its prestigious Doctoral Network grants to a major collaboration of 7 European institutions, which includes the Department of Earth Science and the Centre for Deep Sea Research!


A week of Marine Science in Bergen

A lot is happening next week in Bergen, with among other the One Ocean week and the Ocean outlook events. Several members of the Centre for Deep Sea Research are involved in various events.

Teamet på Geomikrobiologisk laboratorium med det synlige beviset på at de er sertifisert som My Green Lab. Bakerst f.v.: Anders Schouw, Steffen Jørgensen. Foran f.v.: Sven Le Moine-Bauer, Hannah Babel, Renee Hageman og Petra Hribovšek.

Certified from My Green Lab

The Geomicrobiology Laboratory at UiB becomes the first public laboratory in Norway to receive the environmental certification from My Green Lab. The work on the certification has been done with support from the UiB Climate Fund.

New article

Hydrothermal hotspots for microbial sulfate reduction in the Norwegian Sea

Are inactive hydrothermal area really inactive? Maybe not... At least not microbiologically.