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Ta bachelor i geovitenskap

Department of Earth Science (GEO)'s overall goal is to develop new knowledge of the Earth's structure, formation history and the driving forces for its dynamic behavior. 


The research activities at the department of Earth Science (GEO) are concentrated in thematic groups; Geophysics, Geodynamics and Basin Studies, Geochemistry & Geobiology, and Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate.

Education: The Department of Earth Science offers education in several fields within the earth sciences, offering programs from 2 to 8 years duration. 

What are we researching on?
At the Department of Geosciences, we research a number of different geoscientific topics. The strategic focus areas for our research are Energy, Resources, Climate, Environment and Geo Hazards.

Geosciences and sustainability
Geologists and geophysicists have key competencies to solve tomorrow's challenges, as described in the UN's sustainability goals and the UN's Paris Agreement. The UN has given the University of Bergen (UiB) a leading role in the work of promoting the sustainability goals, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers several courses that directly address specific sustainability goals.

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    View from the research vessel Kronprins Haakon, overlooking a white sheet of ice with the sun just over the horizon in the center of the photo.

    First hydrothermal vents found on Gakkel Ridge may help in search for life’s origins

    An international team of researchers, including Eoghan P. Reeves of the Department of Earth Science and Centre for Deep Sea Research, has this week in Nature Communications published its first findings on the geological and geochemical setting of the Aurora hydrothermal vent system, the first...

    New publication in PNAS
    The research team has instrumented nine high temperature vents with temperature loggers manufactured by EP Oceanographic. The loggers collect data every ten minutes, in order to track changes in vent fluid temperature that can be used to infer changes in

    New Hydrothermal Field Discovered in East Pacific Ocean

    The first-known, off-axis, high-temperature deep-sea hydrothermal vents along a portion of the northern East Pacific Rise are hotter and cover more area than any other hydrothermal vents studied to date along this section of the mid-ocean ridge. The discovery demonstrates that there are more...

    4SWIND - DeepReservoir - PALMAR
    Bildet viser jobbing fra MS G.O. Sars til sjøs hvor mannskap En 6 m lang vibrokjerne med prøver fra havbunnen på Sørlige Nordsjø II blir tatt om bord på forskningsskipet G.O. Sars.

    Three new project awards to GEO

    Last week we received the good news of the award of 3 new projects. A 4SWIND project with Haflidi Haflidason as project manager and two projects funded by - The DeepReservoir project where Christian Eide is project manager. This concerns chlorite deposits in sandstone reservoirs, and the PALMAR...

    R/V G.O.Sars
    R/V G.O.Sars

    Offshore Wind - research cruise June 2022

    Friday 10th of June R/V G.O. Sars set its course towards the southern North Sea to start UiB's first scientific cruise to investigate ground conditions for foundations and anchoring of offshore wind farms.

    Trond Mohn Foundation recruitment (TMS-scholarship)

    Willem van der Bilt is granted TMS-scholarship (2020-2025). Read more here.
    Steffen Leth Jørgensen is granted BFS-scholarship (2016-2021). Read more here.
    Andreas Born is granted BFS-scholarship (2016-2021). Read more here.
    Nele Meckler is granted BFS-scholarship (2015-2020). Read more here.
    Bjarte Hannisdal is granted BFS-scholarship (2013-2018). Read more here.
    Nicola McLoughlin is granted BFS-scholarship (2010-2015). Read more here.

    European Research Council (ERC) 

    Nele Meckler is awarded ERC Starting Grant from EU (2020-2025). Read more here.
    Nele Meckler is awarded ERC Starting Grant from EU (2015-2020). Read more here.
    Eystein Jansen and Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu is awarded ERC Synergi Grant (2014-2019). Read more here.