Department of Earth Science

Department of Earth Science (GEO)'s overall goal is to develop new knowledge of the Earth's structure, formation history and the driving forces for its dynamic behavior. 

The research activities at the department of Earth Science (GEO) are concentrated in thematic groups; Geodynamics, Basin and Reservoir studies, Geochemistry & Geobiology, and Quaternary Earth Systems.

Education: Department of Earth Science offers education in several fields within Geo science and the programs varies from 2 to 8 years

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    GEO's PhD seminar 2018

    GEO's PhD seminar 7.6.18

    At this years one-day PhD seminar, 25 of our PhD candidates from 13 nations and 5 continents (!) assembled to get to know each other within and across the research groups, and get some helpful tips for the years ahead.

    Award at AAPG Annual Convention

    GEO Students Awards at AAPG Annual Convention in Salt Lake City

    GEO had a strong showing at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition held in Salt Lake City, 20-23 May.


    Team Bergen is getting ready for Greenland

    Over the course of three days (9-11 May), seven BCCR and Ice2Ice researchers participated in a glacier safety course on the Folgefonna glacier.

    Travel letter from Utah

    Travel letter from the GEO course in Utah

    Some notes from the Utah course GEOV352

    Climate research at Borneo

    Climate scientist from GEO will be leaving on exiting fieldwork in Borneo

    On Saturday, March 17, Stein-Erik Lauritzen and Nele Meckler will be leaving for fieldwork in Borneo, Malaysia

    Bergen Research Foundation recruitment (BFS-scholarship)

    Steffen Leth Jørgensen is granted BFS-scholarship in 2016. Read more here.

    Andreas Born is granted BFS-scholarship in 2016. Read more here.

    Nele Meckler is granted BFS-scholarship in 2015. Read more here.

    Bjarte Hannisdal is granted BFS-scholarship in 2013. Read more here.

    Nicola McLoughlin is granted BFS-scholarship in 2010. Read more here.

    European Research Council (ERC) 

    Nele Meckler is awarded ERC Starting Grant from EU in 2015. Read more here.

    Eystein Jansen and Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu is awarded ERC Synergi Grant (2014-2019). Read more here.