Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate


Quaternary Earth Systems

                        Welcome to the research group in Quaternary Earth Systems!

We work with different geological processes that have occurred during the last millions years. This includes the study of marine sediments, carbonate and sediment deposits in caves, lake sediments and other deposits on the Earth’s surface. Some of this research include process studies, while others are directed towards reconstructing climate change backwards in time and to understand how past climate has varied. The research group has several major projects with focus in, and around, the North Atlantic and the group has also projects in both polar regions, in the Himalayas, and in Russia. We have access to several research vessels, advanced coring equipment for both marine and terrestrial sediments and we have several advanced laboratories, for example Uranium-series laboratory, laboratory for cosmogenic nuclides, and a national infrastructure for sediment analyses, EARTHLAB. The aim of our research and teaching activities is to develop methods and techniques to better understand the geological history mainly during the ice age period (last 2.6 million years) and transfer this to palaeoclimatic reconstructions and increased process understanding.

Advanced Climatic Dynamic Courses

ACDC Summer school in Yosemite National Park

For two intense weeks,students and lecturers from around the world gathered in the small town of Yosemite National Park to discuss climate science as part of the ACDC summer school

Rope team_foto: Petra, Margit and Sunniva on the top of the Folgefonna glacier

Team Bergen is getting ready for Greenland

Over the course of three days (9-11 May), seven BCCR and Ice2Ice researchers participated in a glacier safety course on the Folgefonna glacier.

National Geographic article
Jostein Bakke

Climate scientists take sediment cores on Svalbard lakes

“We have been trying to do this trip for five years and we have had a lot of issues with ice,” says expedition leader Jostein Bakke, head of the Quaternary Earth Systems group at Department of Earth Science

Momentum Program
Pic Willem van der Bilt in the Mountain

Momentum Program

Willem van der Bilt is one of the researchers selected to participate in the new Momentum Program, the first early career development program organized at UiB.