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Examples of Master's projects at GEO

At this webpage you will find several examples of project descriptions that can be outlines for Master's theses at GEO.

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The Master's programme in Earth Sciences has been divided into four different research topics, all derived from our four main research groups. Our projects are listed according to these reserach themes: Geodynamics and basin studies, Geochemistry and geobiology, Geophysics and Qauternary geology and paleoclimate.

How do I find a project to work on? 

Use the menu below. Consult the projects description, and decide on which research theme you are interested in, and to some extent, which project you prefer. Do also consult the listed courses for each project - does the courses match you background?

Contact the listed supervisor to learn more. In some cases, supervisors get contacted by several students. We will try our best to facilitate that all students get to write their thesis on a preferred topic, but we need you to keep in mind that each supervisor has a limited capasity of undertaking master's students. All students that are granted admission to our program will be allocated a project and a supervisor within the first couple of weeks after semester start. 

In rare cases with more interested students on a project than the capasity allows, we will have to range the interested students by grades. This is only applicable in rare situations, and we strive to find solutions together with our students. 

If none of the listed projects seem to suit you, it is also possible to design your own Master's project together with one of our supervisors from our academic staff. In this case, we ask you to contact interesting superviros to pitch your idea. For more information about this process, or guidance to wich supervisor to contact, please reach our to the programme coordinator (Emilie Randeberg). 

We also reccomend you to visit the webpage for each of our research groups (link in menu below), to consult which projects has been given earlier to master's students. Many of our research themes are still highly relevant and can be reformed to new projects. 

Which courses should I choose? 

At The Deptartment of Earth Sciences, all courses has an early deadline for sign up (Wednesday week 33 / Wednesday week 2). In 2021, this is set to August 18th. 

All students must by the first copuple of days, within the deadline, consult which courses to sign up for in StudentWeb. External students from outside of UiB may find trouble adding courses in StudentWeb. Consult the Programme Coordinator to open your preferred courses.

Courses relevant for your Master's project can be found in the project description, or by consulting your supervisor, or your preferred research group.

NB!! This process is our top priority during the semester start week, and we strive to help all students through this process!

Master's Projects in Geochemistry and geobiology

Master's Projects in Geophysics

Check out previous projects from this group here! 

Possible seismic monitoring of thawing of terrestrial sediments in the Arctic: Rock physics modelling of sediments in Adventdalen, Svalbard.Professor Tor Arne JohansenDr. Bent Ole Ruud 
Possible seismic monitoring of thawing of terrestrial sediments in the Arctic: Seismic modelling of surface waves in Adventdalen, Svalbard.Professor Tor Arne JohansenProfessor Einar Iversen 
Synergier mellom seismikk og medisinsk ultralydProfessor Morten JakobsenProfessor Einar Iversen 
Inversion of seismic velocities using drill-bit seismic wavesProfessor Einar IversenDr. Alexander Goertz (OCTIO AS), Endre Vange Bergfjord (OCTIO AS)
Resente og fremtidige endringer i strømsystem og vannutskiftning mellom hav og brakkvann som følge av menneskelige inngrep i et aktivt tidevannssystem, ytre Vestvågøy, LofotenProfessor Tor Arne JohansenVigdis Tverberg (Universitetet i Nordland)
Seismiske signaturer av geotermiske reservoarerProfessor Tor Arne JohansenDr. Erling Jensen (RPT), Dr. Åsmund Drottning (RPT)
Modeling and Inversion of Multiply Scattered WavesFørsteamanuensis Henk KeersProfessor  Einar Iversen 
Development of a ground motion prediction equation for NorwayProfessor Mathilde B. SørensenProfessor Lars Ottemöller
Modelling of controlled-source electromagnetic data using fast integral
equation methods
Professor Morten JakobsenDr. Malte Sommer 
Fast integral equation methods for seismic wavefield modelling in complex mediaProfessor Morten JakobsenProfessor Einar Iversen
Local earthquake tomography between Bergen Arcs and Hardangerfjord shear zoneProfessor Lars OttemöllerDr. Felix Halpaap, Professor Stéphane Rondenay (GE
Fast Ray Tracing and Imaging Using GPUsFørsteamenuensis Henk KeersProfessor  Einar Iversen, Martin Sarajærvi (Schlumberger, Stavanger)
Earthquakes in Southern NorwayProfessor Lars OttemöllerDr. Felix Halpaap 
Seismic Monitoring of CO2 StorageFørsteamenuensis Henk KeersDr. Martin Sarajærvi, Schlumberger Stavanger (medveileder)
Global Seismic TomographyFørsteamenuensis Henk KeersProf. Dr. Thomas Meier, University of Kiel, Germany 
Prosessering og tolkning av SVALEX seismikkProfessor Rolf MjeldeDr. Bent Ole Ruud 
Electromagnetic methods in borehole geophysicsProfessor Morten JakobsenDr. Sergey Alayev, NORCE

Master's Projects in Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate

Check out previous projects from this group here! 

Coupled climate-ice sheet dynamicsAssociate Professor Andreas BornTobias Zolles (OMV), Kerim Nisancioglu 
Abrupt climate change in a warm climate: the 8.2 ka eventAssociate Professor Andreas BornCamille Li (GFI, UiB), Helga (Kikki) F. Kleiven, Chuncheng Guo (UNI Research)
Geometric controls of fjord glacier dynamicsProfessor Kerim H. NisanciogluDr. Basile de Fleurian, Henning Åkesson (Stockholm University)
Isavsmeltingshistorie og havnivåendringer i munningen av LysefjordenProfessor John Inge SvendsenAssociate Professor Kristian Vasskog (Geografi, UiB)
Assessment and understanding of the simulated Last Glacial Maximum climateProfessor Kerim H. NisanciogluDr. Chuncheng Guo (NORCE Climate)
Etablering av askestratigrafi i innsjøarkiver fra deglasiasjonsperioden i Utsira-Karmøy områdetProfessor Haflidi HaflidasonProfessor John-Inge Svendsen 

Impact of subglacial hydrology on Antarctic glaciers

Dr. Basile de FleurianDr. Petra Langebroek (Uni Research Klima)
Avalanches in a warmer wetter future – a case study from the Albanian Alps Førsteamauensis Willem van der BiltProfessor Jostein Bakke
The future of the Greenland ice sheetFørsteamanuensis Andreas BornTobias Zolles
Decadal scale volume changes of Folgefonna ice capAssociate Professor Ben RobsonAssociate Professor Andreas Born
Deltautvikling i Øyern / Delta evolution in Øyeren area, Norway

Professor Jostein Bakke

Dr. Øyvind Paasche (Norce/Bjerknessenteret)
Mapping and monitoring rock glaciers on the Tibetan PlateauAssociate Professor Ben RobsonDr. Lin Liu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Where do the tropics "sit" on the glacial climate see-saw?Førsteamanuensis Nele MecklerDr. Yves Krüger, MSc. Marit Løland
Mapping and analyses of lateral meltwater channels in the Norwegian mountains as a method of determining the thinning rate of the Scandinavian Ice SheetProfessor John Inge SvendsenFørsteamanuensis Ben Robson
Geoscientific assessments and quantification of trail wear in valleys around Jostedalsbreen and in Jostedalsbreen National Park, Vestland countyProfessor Atle NesjeDr. Marthe Gjerde, Statsforvaltaren i Vestland
Investigation of lake sediments in Høgvardtjenn and dating of the ice melt on Norefjell in the lower part of Hallingdal, Krødsherad municipality, Viken county (OBS! Norwegian project description)Professor Atle NesjeKnut Sørgaard, Bane NOR (external)