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The Geodynamics and Basin Studies research group studies geological processes and Earth dynamics, and the geometry and evolution of sedimentary basins. Through a combination of geological and geophysical approaches, we map Earth's crust and reconstruct prehistoric landscapes to increase our understanding of geological processes. The academic staff in our group have expertise in sedimentology, marine geology, structural geology, tectonics, geodynamic modelling, geochronology and geophysics.

4SWIND - DeepReservoir - PALMAR
Bildet viser jobbing fra MS G.O. Sars til sjøs hvor mannskap En 6 m lang vibrokjerne med prøver fra havbunnen på Sørlige Nordsjø II blir tatt om bord på forskningsskipet G.O. Sars.

Three new project awards to GEO

Last week we received the good news of the award of 3 new projects. A 4SWIND project with Haflidi Haflidason as project manager and two projects funded by - The DeepReservoir project where Christian Eide is project manager. This concerns chlorite deposits in sandstone reservoirs, and the PALMAR...

Disse skal styrke det digitale UIB

They will strengthen research and education using digital technology

Five projects from four different faculties will receive funding to digital transformation in research and education.