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The Geodynamics and Basin Studies research group studies geological processes and Earth dynamics, and the geometry and evolution of sedimentary basins. Through a combination of geological and geophysical approaches, we map Earth's crust and reconstruct prehistoric landscapes to increase our understanding of geological processes. The academic staff in our group have expertise in sedimentology, marine geology, structural geology, tectonics, geodynamic modelling, geochronology and geophysics.

PhD defence: Vilde Dimmen
Vilde Dimmen

PhD defence: Vilde Dimmen

On Friday 16. June 2023 Vilde Dimmen defended her PhD thesis "Geologic controls on fluid flow and seismic imaging of faults in carbonate rocks - Insights from quantitative outcrop analysis and reflection seismic modelling"

PhD defence: Åse Hestnes
Åse Hestnes

PhD defence: Åse Hestnes

On Monday 19. June 2023 Åse Hestnes defended her PhD thesis: The post-Caledonian tectono-thermal evolution of Western Norway

Field course

Elba 2023

This spring 16 students from our department participated in the "GEOV252 Field Course in Geological Mapping" to Elba.

Field course

Aínsa, Spain, June 2023

In June a group of eight master students and one PhD-candidate in geology and geophysics did field and computer lab work in Aínsa, Spain.