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Fredag 24. november disputerte Martin Kjenes med avhandlingen «Lithological controls on architecture and development of igneous intrusions in sedimentary basins».
Den årlige feltturen i GEOV107-"Innføring i sedimentologi" ble avholdt i forrige uke, og gikk som vanlig til Sorbas i Spania. 71 studenter og 5 ansatte ved GEO var med. Se flere bilder på Facebook.
Martin Kjenes had on 14. November his trial lecture "On the interplay between magmatism and earthquakes". Martin will defend his PhD thesis next week, on Friday 24. November.
New high-resolution investigation of submarine canyon and basins floor sedimentary processes in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece.
In June a group of eight master students and one PhD-candidate in geology and geophysics did field and computer lab work in Aínsa, Spain.
This spring 16 students from our department participated in the "GEOV252 Field Course in Geological Mapping" to Elba.
On Monday 19. June 2023 Åse Hestnes defended her PhD thesis: The post-Caledonian tectono-thermal evolution of Western Norway
On Friday 16. June 2023 Vilde Dimmen defended her PhD thesis "Geologic controls on fluid flow and seismic imaging of faults in carbonate rocks - Insights from quantitative outcrop analysis and reflection seismic modelling"
A new study authored by Björn Nyberg and colleagues offers the world's first comprehensive classification of river channel belts at a 30-meter resolution.
The second week in April the DeepReservoir team was in the Ravenglass Estuary just north of Liverpool, with project partners from AkerBP, Equinor and the Universities of Oslo, Delft and Liverpool.
17.-20. April the field part of GEOV102 was held in fantastic weather at Herdla and at Ulven. Eager students have worked independently in the field and have logged sediment profiles, studied beach deposits, collected georadar data, taken sediment cores and carried out structural geological mapping at Ulven.
Nyberg et al. (2023) introduce the Global Channel Belt (GCB) model in a new publication published in Nature Communications. The authors use advances in machine learning to identify patterns that define landforms characterizing the extent of river channel belts, including the river channel and their associated levees, bars, splays, and overbank features.
Last week we received the good news of the award of 3 new projects. A 4SWIND project with Haflidi Haflidason as project manager and two projects funded by - The DeepReservoir project where Christian Eide is project manager. This concerns chlorite deposits in sandstone reservoirs, and the PALMAR project where Ritske Huismans is involved from GEO, and UiO is the coordinator. Where they will... Read more
On Friday 17. June Edoseghe Osagiede defended his thesis "The structural evolution of rift fault networks: From pre-existing structural controls to topological characterisation of the northern North Sea Rift System"
The R/V G.O. Sars has reached day 5 of its 10 day cruise to the offshore wind sites Utsira Nord and Sørlige Nordsjø II in the North Sea.
Friday 10th of June R/V G.O. Sars set its course towards the southern North Sea to start UiB's first scientific cruise to investigate ground conditions for foundations and anchoring of offshore wind farms.
The first week in June UIB GEO has been hosting the Summer School for the Marie Curie Innovative Training Project "S2S Future: Signal Propagation from Source to Sink for the Future of Earth Resources and Energy". 13 PhD candidates have come from universities in France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Switzerland to learn and work together in western Norway.