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PhD defence: Åse Hestnes

PhD defence: Åse Hestnes

On Monday 19. June 2023 Åse Hestnes defended her PhD thesis: The post-Caledonian tectono-thermal evolution of Western Norway

Åse Hestnes
Anders Bjørnsen Kulseng, UiB

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Professor Ulrich Glasmacher, University of Heidelberg, and Dr Dawn A. Kellett, Geological Survey of Canada, were oponents, whereas Associate Professor Elco Luijendijk, Department of Earth Science, UiB, was internal member of the committee.

The PhD project has been supervised by Professor Joachim Jacobs (main supervisor), Professor Henriette Linge and Associate Professor II Tor Oftedal Sømme, all at Department of Earth Science, UiB, Associate Professor Deta Gasser and Associate Professor Thomas Scheiber, both at HVL, and Researcher Anna Ksienzyk. NGU.

The defence was led by Professor Harald James Walderhaug, Department of Earth Science, UiB

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