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S2S Future

European PhD students on Summer School in Bergen

The first week in June UIB GEO has been hosting the Summer School for the Marie Curie Innovative Training Project "S2S Future: Signal Propagation from Source to Sink for the Future of Earth Resources and Energy". 13 PhD candidates have come from universities in France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Switzerland to learn and work together in western Norway.

The entire S2S Future group in front of Bøyabreen in Fjærland
Martin Braun

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The objective of this course is to be exposed to industrial partners, learn key geoscientific skills, and investigate active source-to-sink systems. This summer school is called the Factory because the students go to where the sediments are generated (the sediment factory) and because they visit several industry partners.

The programme started at Equinor on Monday, where several presenters spoke about the hydrocarbon economy, the green transition and Equinor’s plans for the future. Hannah Petrie (UiB) gave an exercise in planning offshore wind farms. The day was finished off with a hike to Fløyen with a great dinner on the top. On the second day, Tor Sømme (Equinor) gave a course in seismic geomorphology, focussing on the Sognefjord formation with a view to source-to-sink, Christian Haug Eide (UiB) spoke about the development of the North Sea and the Norwegian Landscape, and Benjamin Bellwald (VBPR) talked about geohazards in fjords. On Wednesday and Thursday, Christian Haug Eide led the group on a field trip to Fjærland where they investigated geohazards, sediment generation and signal propagation in source to sink systems. The final day, the students met at Equinor's core store in Bergen for a course on core description. After this, the students will have a two day retreat in Eidfjord, before they head off for two weeks of company visits, field activities and courses in the Swiss Alps.