Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Energi - sivilingeniørprogrammet

Welcome to THE OCEAN 2019, Bergen 17th september 2019. A new arena aiming to strengthen collaboration and explore the potential for new partnerships within the ocean industries. 

The University of Bergen has earned the reputation as Norway's most international university. The faculty hosts two priority areas:

Marine | Climate and energy transition

The faculty hosts the secretariat of the Norwegian marine university consortium

The faculty consists of seven departments who together represent the foundation of our research and education within disciplines such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, geoscience and life sciences, and with cross-diciplinary emphasis on climate, energy and marine research and education.

Teaching is offered at all levels and in all our research fields:

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Connecting student active learning with the UN system

A unique course on SDG14 brings together student active learning and an interdisciplinary approach on how to engage with sustainability issues and how science can provide knowledge for a sustainable Ocean. We have produced three videos showing what makes the course special.

UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere programme
Nordhordland, landscape

Norway's first Biosphere reserve approved

– People at the University of Bergen together with people from Nordhordland have been slaving away to make the first Norwegian biosphere under UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere programme happen.

Horizon lecture
Niels Bohr, 1935
Sep 18

Niels Bohr, life behind the physics and war and peace

How did Niels Bohr become the world´s leading physicist in the early part of the 1900s? Vilhelm Bohr, grandson of Niels Bohr, adresses the history and personality of the Nobel Prize winner in this Horizon lecture.


Atlantic cod liver reveals marine pollution

Visit the dCod-lab in a 360 film above. Have a look while we explain why atlantic cod liver is important for science.

ERC - European Research Council
Saket Saurabh

Making sense of Big Data

UiB researcher Saket Saurabh embarks on a new ERC funded project, aiming to revolutionise how we handle, utilise and compress Big Data.

Doctoral education

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers doctoral education within the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and technology, informatics, mathematics, molecular biology and geophysics. We also offer doctoral training in collaboration with several partner institutions.