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Energi - sivilingeniørprogrammet

The University of Bergen has earned the reputation as Norway's most international university. The faculty hosts two priority areas:

Marine | Climate and energy transition

The faculty hosts the secretariat of the Norwegian marine university consortium

The faculty consists of seven departments who together represent the foundation of our research and education within disciplines such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, geoscience and life sciences, and with cross-diciplinary emphasis on climate, energy and marine research and education.

Teaching is offered at all levels and in all our research fields:

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ERC Consolidator Grant
Kjetil Våge på RV «Knorr»

Will explore the resilience of ocean currents

Kjetil Våge and ROVER investigate the consequences of a changing climate along the sea-ice edge off the east coast of Greenland. The European Research Council supports his efforts with a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant.

Cristian Guillermo Gebhardt, Bergen Offshore Wind Centre

Will develop groundbreaking offshore wind technology with ERC grant

With a prestigious grant from the ERC, Cristian Guillermo Gebhardt plans to solve key issues within offshore wind with smart algorithms and raw computer power.

Space Science
Nordlys fra Den internasjonale romstasjonen. Innfelt foto av romforsker Karl Magnus Laundal.

Space scientist Karl Magnus Laundal awarded prestigious ERC Grant

Karl Magnus Laundal will use his ERC Consolidator Grant to study the coupling between the Earth’s atmosphere and space.

New Science paper
bile av elv i Amazonas med grønt frodig landskap rundt

Human impact destroying the Amazon ecosystems faster than ever

A new Science paper shows that human-caused changes to Amazonian ecosystems are hundreds to thousands of times faster than those of natural climatic and geological processes.

Horizons lecture
Illustration of cell division
Feb 13

Darwin Day/Horizons lecture: Making Sense of Cancer

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. So what is the evolutionary meaning of cancer? What will it take to get rid of it? In this lecture, professor in medicine Jarle Breivik explores the evolutionary logic of cancer.

Doctoral education

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers doctoral education within the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and technology, informatics, mathematics, molecular biology and geophysics. We also offer doctoral training in collaboration with several partner institutions.