Esmeralda Colombo. Climate litigation.

– International law is a door opener for national climate change cases

“International law is arguably helping domestic courts deal with the exceptionality of climate change in access to justice matters,” says Esmeralda Colombo at The faculty of Law, University of Bergen. She recently delivered her PhD thesis on the subject. Read interview with Colombo here.

European energy research

New member of EERA Executive Committee

University of Bergen will help catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050.

Forskere på flåte

Prehistoric megafloods smaller than assumed

Mighty floods have carved out deep canyons on Earth. New research suggests this may have required less power than previously thought. Collecting such data, however, may be demanding.

International debate about energy

Arqus Academic Debate on energy as a pillar, driver and goal of today's world

The third Arqus Academic Debate took place on 2nd December. Listen to the debate on the Arqus YouTube channel.

Offshore wind parks:
vindturbiner til havs

Out of the blue and into the green

Norway has some of the best wind resources in Europe and an oil and gas industry with a history spanning almost 50 years. We have the technology required for developing offshore wind farms. So why are we hesitating?