International networking
OceanOpps Brussel Mars 2022

The EU network Ocean of Opportunities visits Brussel

In March 2022, Ocean of Opportunities (OceanOpps) hosted our first international networking event in Brussels.


Predicting Arctic sea ice

When a fishing vessel sets course for Bear Island, the captain knows only which areas are ice-covered now, not where the ice will be tomorrow. In a few years, sea ice predictions will make routing easier and safer.


The Gulf Stream has increased steadily over the last century

The heat transport into the Nordic Seas has increased steadily in volume and temperature over the last century, according to recent study.

Video archive

Watch 'Climate Neutral University 2030' here!

Steinar Sundberg of the facility department at UiB explain how UiB will achieve reducing energy consumption using solar power, seawater-based heating/cooling, building management systems and development of campus.


Energy transition at the UiB

Energy director Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa explains.