Climate and energy transition
Climate and energy transition

Sustainable area management and conflicts

Our research communities play a vital role in generating knowledge to be used in assessing the overall effects and consequences of actions and behaviors, and to identify and suggest knowledge-based solutions for sustainable climate, business, and societal development.

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Center for Sustainable Area Management
The Centre for Sustainable Area Management (CeSAM) is a UiB initiative to support sustainable management of our landscapes and oceans, biodiversity, and nature's benefits to people.
We focus on evidence-based decision making and consolidating cross-disciplinary research and education.

City planning and development
Cities and towns around the world are constantly changing and are facing challenges related to overpopulation and recession, migration and mobility, inequality, and climate changes. 
In our research and education we are particularly focused on how planning and politics can address these challenges and how we can contribute with exchange of knowledge that encourages sustainability, social justice and welfare for the future.

Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law
On a Norwegian as well as and International level, access to and the management of Natural resources and the Natural environment, is crucial to economic, social and environmental development.

In order to prevent future natural disasters, it is essential to understand the processes that lead to these in the assessment of land use.