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Geography is focused on the connections between environment, nature and society. We study contemporary topics such as green transformation, climate change, natural hazards, global inequalities, climate and energy transformation, food security and natural resource management. Education and research at the department is organised into four research areas:

Master's project
Maïlys Rouillé

Food security and the COVID-19 crisis: the importance of cross-border fish trade

In her master's thesis, Maïlys Rouillé studies the important contribution of cross-border fishtraders to food security in Ghana and its surrounding countries during the COVID-19 crisis.

master's degree
Master students in the Museum Garden.

Master's theses in Geography 2020

20 students have submitted their theses this semester.

Alumna of the month
Francine Mbanza Jensen

Alumna of the month: Francine Mbanza Jensen

Thanks to the support of her student advisor at UiB, Francine successfully completed her education after moving to Norway from Burundi. Now she supports immigrants to start their own businesses with an incubator for entrepreneurs.

Master's project

The social impact of the renewable energy transition

In her master's project Amber Nordholm is looking at the social impact of the renewable energy transition through a case study in Portugal.