Faculty of Social Sciences

Student standing in front of painting

Social sciences at the University of Bergen

There are seven departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Bergen. We offer various courses and master's programmes taught in English.

Portrettt Håvard Haarstad

Doing time for the climate

According to Håvard Haarstad, scientists have to commit to doing everything they can to get society moving in the right direction. His own commitment to saving the world earned him a night in prison in New York.

Media Futures
Media Futures christoff Trattner spaserer i gangen med robot

30 mill Euro plan to develop responsible media technology

Researchers at Media City Bergen and key media partners seek to establish a centre for developing responsible media technology. – As the robots enter the editorial rooms, the need to guard issues like ethics and data protection is urgent, says centre leader.

Horizon 2020
Hakan Sicakkan

UiB awarded large EU project on migration

UiB researcher Hakan G. Sicakkan will lead the EU-funded PROTECT project, which will closely follow the United Nations’ two new global compacts on migration and refugees.

Inequality research
signering GRIP ny

Inequality research programme launch

The University of Bergen and the International Science Council sign today a new agreement for the Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP).

MCB Future Week
Media Futures David Carrol

– Norwegians need to guard their private data, says the professor who made Facebook buckle.

David Carroll sued Cambridge Analytica and won. Now, the professor who made Facebook buckle visits Future Week in Bergen. He asks Norwegians to wake up.