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Social sciences at the University of Bergen

There are seven departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Bergen. We offer various courses and master's programmes taught in English.

How to exit Brexit
Adriana Buena portrait

ERC grant holder Adriana Bunea left the UK for UiB

– The UK is heading towards very uncertain times. It is hard to push the scientific borders when you feel that you are under siege, says Adriana Bunea. The former lecturer at The University of Southampton made a swift exit from Brexit and brought a prestigious grant to Bergen.

Creative problem solving
Kreativ problemløsning

The UN provides PhD candidates at the UiB with a challenge

PhD candidates at UiB will be able to solve a specific SDG challenge provided by the UN Environment Programme. Through a new course in creative problem-solving, PhD candidates learn and apply methods that can help them establish connections across disciplines and solve problems that they could face...

Innovation Pedagogy:
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An exploration of the uncertain

Professor Lars Nyre and his students will apply the newest within HTC Vive technology. Together with the students he asks the fundamental questions: What is this? How can it be used?

Field work in Maputo at the opening of Urban Enclaving Futures Project, lead by Professor Bjørn Enge Bertelsen from University of Bergen (left in photo).

New perspectives on change in urban Africa

The cutting-edge Urban Enclaving Futures project used its first workshop to define how research can bring in social, cultural, spatial and further dimensions moving beyond classic economic understandings of urban development.

May 21

Organization unbound. The abundance of partial organization in social life

We are proud to present Nils Brunsson as the speaker on the 2019 March/Olsen lecture.