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Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences with their diplomas.

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There are seven departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Bergen. We offer various courses and master's programmes taught in English.

Innovation Pedagogy:
bilde av student

An exploration of the uncertain

Professor Lars Nyre and his students will apply the newest within HTC Vive technology. Together with the students, he will ask the fundamental questions: What is this? How can it be used?

Field work in Maputo at the opening of Urban Enclaving Futures Project, lead by Professor Bjørn Enge Bertelsen from University of Bergen (left in photo).

New perspectives on change in urban Africa

The cutting-edge Urban Enclaving Futures project used its first workshop to define how research can bring in social, cultural, spatial and further dimensions moving beyond classic economic understandings of urban development.

New course
Gjennvinningstegn og stikkkontakt med teksten: Sustainable innovation

New course in sustainable innovation

Sustainable development, climate change and energy transformation call for innovation in all sectors of society. For the first time ever, students at the University of Bergen will be able to apply for the course CET201 Sustainable Innovation.
bilde av marija slavkovik

Can our digital performance be understood by a theoretical formula? Marija Slavkovik hopes to find the answer.

The rule of building a perfect algorithm translates to a common experience of the real world: If you want something to be beautiful, it must handle complexity.

Derek Lackaff

"International exchange of perspectives are more important than ever"

Fulbright scholar Derek Lackaff is impressed with the facilities at Media City Bergen (MCB) and thinks that international exchange and knowledge-sharing are more important than ever.