Faculty of Social Sciences
Supervision Competence

Program for Supervision Competence

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers program for supervision competence to all PhD supervisors.

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The Faculty's program for supervision competence consists of three parts:

1. University Pedagogy

The faculty recommends at least one course within supervision to all (UPED694) 

2. E-learning in regulations and routines

The faculty has developed an e-learning course in rules and routines that is mandatory to complete for all internal supervisors at the faculty.

The purpose of the e-course is to provide a simple and clear introduction to the current rules and routines. Many changes have taken place in recent years and it is understandable that it is demanding to keep updated. The purpose is thus not to train experienced supervisors in PhD supervision, but to ensure that all supervisors are in line with current rules. The course will also function as a reference work related to rules and routines for the various phases of the PhD supervision.

3. Supervision Forum

Prior Supervision Forums


    14 March 2024: "how can we support the candidates to submit their PhD theses on time?" (Responsible: Faculty)


    3 November 2023: "Co-authoring of PhD articles: what works and what doesn’t?" (Responsible: Dep. Geography)

    21 September: "Writing a coherent article-based thesis with a framing introduction" (Responsible: Dep. Information Science and Media Studies)

    30 May: "Mental health among PhDs. What is the situation, what role has the supervisor, what resources do UiB offer?" (Responsible: Faculty)

    7 March: "Supervision in teams" (Responsible: Dep. Government)


    8 November: "Challenges related to recruitment and financing of PhD-candidates" (Responsible: Dep. Sociology)

    29 September: "Publication in high impact journals". (Responsible: Dep. Economics)

    20 April: "What does training in research ethics entail?" (Responsible: Dep. Social Anthropology)

    27 Januar: “How to think about PhD supervision in a time when it is very competitive to get a job at a university” (Responsible: Dep. Comparative Politics)


    20 Oktober: "Co-authorship between supervisor and PhD candidate" (Responsible: Dep. Information Science and Media Studies)

    20 Mai: "PhD-courses: What do our candidates need and how do we guide them?" (Responsible: Dep. Geography)

    19 Februar: "The various roles a supervisor may have" (Responsible: Dep. Administration and Organization Science)


    25 November: "Is there a recipe for writing a successful 'kappe'?" (Responsible: The faculty)

    Upcoming meetings in Supervision Forum: 

    Will be updated.

    Confirmation on completed supervision training

    For those interested in a formal confirmation (diploma) on completed supervision training at PhD level, the requirement is to complete all three elements in the program. Regarding Supervision Forum, the requirement is to participate in at least 3 meetings. If you have been the main supervisor and supervised at least one PhD candidate towards comletion at the faculty programme, this experience is juxtaposed with participation in at least three meetings. 

    For those not interested in a formal confirmation, it is still recommended to complete the entire program, but it is not a requirement. Note that the faculty will ask all internal supervisors to complete the e-learning course in regulations and routines, and that the e-learning course must be completed before one is appointed as a supervisor for a new candidate.