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Career Development Programme

Career Development Programme for Early Career Researchers

The Faculty of Social Sciences invites postdoctoral fellows and PhD candidates to take part in our career development programme for early career researchers.

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The career development programme is to provide relevant and useful information that will strengthen your qualifications when applying for permanent academic positions in Norway or elsewhere. If you participated at some of the earlier sessions, you are still qualified to attend again. More information will follow ahead of each meeting.

The career development programme in 2023 includes four meetings. 

Seminar 1: Academic writing and publication strategies (24 January 2023, 12-15)

The topic of this meeting is how we can become even better in publishing our work. What is your publication strategy and what are the editors looking for?


Lise Rakner, Department of Government

Kristine Jørgensen, Department of Information Science and Media Studies


Seminar 2: Innovation and Impact workshop (17 March 2023, 12-15)

This seminar and workshop, organized by Vestlandets Innovasjonsselskap (VIS), will offer training on how to use a tool for   planning outcomes, impact, and innovation potential of your research.

By offering introduction to a practical framework for discussing interest of research, participants will learn how to turn the research process around, to identify and finding collaborative partners for “best practice” of impact and innovation. The immediate learning from tools, techniques and advice will inspire you to move into challenge-based research and innovation, followed by, hopefully, more success with external funding.

Intended learning outcomes for the workshop:

The participants have knowledge about how to identify a vision of long-term effects from different theme of challenge-based research and identify and find partners for “best practice of impact”.  

The learning outcomes will give increased awareness on how to collaborate with external partners in the perspective of innovation and social benefits.

Speakers and facilitators:

Kari Øritsland is a senior business developer, and she has been working with challenge-based innovation in VIS for 6 years. Previously she ran a design & marketing company, creating and strengthen strategic brands for industry clients, working both nationally and internationally.

Dag Finne is a senior innovation project leader with 15 years’ experience from different roles in VIS. He is very skilled and trained for strategic projects, consortium building and challenge-based research with his background as an engineer.

Tone Skår is a senior innovation project leader. She is now working as a cluster-leader building the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster in our region. Her engagement of involving industrial partners in research and innovation projects, is well known in the health-sector. Design Thinking is one of her skills, empowered by patient and public involvement.

Seminar 3: Research integrity in practice: misconduct, grey zones and ethical dilemmas (3 May 2023, 12-15)

Researchers typically encounter various ethical dilemmas during their research career. These may occur at different stages of research, from idea generation, research design, data collection and analysis, publication and collaboration. In this seminar, we will focus on the challenges in the grey areas of research integrity, aiming at building preparedness and awareness of the range of dilemmas that may occur during a research career. It may also give the participants the room to discuss their own dilemmas. We will also give a short historical introduction to the field of research integrity and prevalence of misconduct and questionable research practices, and present useful resources and guidelines.

Laura Elisabeth Drivdal and Emma Jane Lord from the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT) are facilitators of this course.

Laura is currently a postdoctoral fellow at SVT, and she has previously worked on the RINO project. Emma Lord is a PhD candidate at SVT. Emma has a longstanding interest in tropical deforestation.  

Seminar 4: Rhetoric and public communication of research (22 November 2023, 12-15)

On many occasions you have to give a short oral presentation of your research and projects, often called an elevator-pitch. How can we train to make sure that we provide the audience or a hiring committee with what they want?

In this session we will practice doing presentations for the general public, so that we are able to make our research understandable for people outside academia. The session will be a mix of lecture on rhetoric and communication, plenary discussions of examples of research communication, and – most importantly – a workshop, where you will deliver your presentation and provide feedback to the presentations of your peers.

Join this seminar to get valuable training for your future career: Learn how to perform a clear, concise and engaging speak about your research!


Jens Elmelund Kjeldsen, Department of Information Science and Media Studies

Jens Elmelund Kjeldsen is a professor of rhetoric and visual communication at the University of Bergen. He is an expert on topics such as political speechmaking, visual rhetoric, media and trust, and rhetorical audience studies. He is the co-founder and former president of the Rhetoric Society of Europe, and the co-founder and long-time editor of the journal Rhetorica Scandinavica. 

Why are some persuasive and others not? Why do we listen carefully to some persons but get bored when someone else speaks? Kjeldsen explores these issues in his research.