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Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT) is an interdisciplinary and interfaculty centre at the University of Bergen with a responsibility for research, teaching and dissemination within the field of "theory of science".

SVT has a broad research profile with a focus on critical reflection on the relationship between science and society. The centre coordinates and participates in several research projects on the ethical and societal aspects of science and technology.

SVT teaches Theory of Science and Ethics in UiB's PhD programmes, offers courses in Crucial Issues in Science and Society and is responsible for the content and administration of the Master of Philosophy in Sustainability.

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Semester start up 2024
SVTs building in Parkveien 9

Welcome to Master's in Sustainability

Are you starting the Master's in Sustainability this fall? Here are some meetings, deadlines and social acitivities in the first week that you do not want to miss.

New publication
People and dogs on snowclad ground in front of mountain

Making knowledge inclusive? Improving how we do research with Indigenous and local communities

In a new article in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, SVT and Utrecht University researcher Roxana Roos sets out to uncover the most important barriers to the participation of local and Indigenous communities.
A coastal landscape with houses, small islands and a mountain range on the horizon

Norwegian seascapes contest

The sea represents different values to different people. The project Managing Ethical Norwegian Seascape Activities is capturing what the sea means to Norwegians.

Book cover for Changing Seasonality - a modernist house, several seasons in the back- and foreground

Seasons they are a-changing

A rich and accessible new book from University of Bergen researchers and collaborators asks readers from all backgrounds to rethink what seasons mean to them.

Blog post
People twirling rings of fire

Precarious temporalities in rural Japan

On the surface, population decline in Japan is having a devasting effect on rural communities and their centuries-old traditions, which they take great care to preserve.