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The Faculty of Humanities is a multidisciplinary faculty that currently teaches more than 3700 students and offers a substantial number of programmes leading to a wide range of academic and professional qualifications. These cover a variety of disciplines within the areas of philosophy, language studies, history and cultural studies, aesthetic and literary studies, and music and artistic research.

Spring 2020
Studenter på Sydneshaugen

Meet the Faculty of Humanities

As a part of your Welcome Programme there will be a meeting at the Faculty of Humanities on Tuesday 7 January.

Early human life
Rhizomes plant

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are

New research proves that our ancestors cooked starchy rhizome 170 000 years ago. The study also implies that the food was shared as a social act around the fire.

Trond Mohn Foundation 15 years
Åslaug Ommundsen professor i middelalderlatin

Manuscripts that link Europe together

“I never tire of studying medieval manuscripts. Even though my source material is Norwegian, it is also fundamentally international. This gives the research a broader perspective and forces international cooperation.”

Stacking rocks

Actionable knowledge to meet global challenges

How can your research contribute to solving global challenges? How do you design, conduct and communicate research to stimulate social change? And how do you create actionable knowledge?

Field trip to Blombos
Utsiktsbilde Blombos Cave

Inside Henshilwood’s Cave

The archaeologists who found the World's oldest man-made drawing are back in Blombos Cave in search of new discoveries. Professor Henshilwood welcomes us to the cave to show us his team at work as they dig for clues that can tell us how early humans lived.