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The Faculty of Humanities is a multidisciplinary faculty that currently teaches more than 3700 students and offers a substantial number of programmes leading to a wide range of academic and professional qualifications. These cover a variety of disciplines within the areas of philosophy, language studies, history and cultural studies, aesthetic and literary studies.

Spring 2021
Studenter på Sydneshaugen

Semester start at the Faculty of Humanities

We are so pleased to still be able to welcome exchange students to the University of Bergen this spring, and we would like to invite all new international students at the Faculty of Humanities to a digital meeting on Thursday 14th January.

New course
Flooded dock

Meet the climate challenge in new UiB course

Take on the transformative challenges of our time together with motivated students from around Europe in the new course "Facing Grand Challenges: A European research program"

Illustration: Researchers study the nuts and bolts of a box producing policy

Can we ensure that mathematical models serve society?

Inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, UiB researchers present five principles for model quality.


The complex system of facial expressions in sign language

In the near future deaf people and hearing people may be able to communicate in real time, using automatic translation systems based on computer vision technologies. Now researchers are carefully studying facial expressions used in sign language to express both grammatical information and emotions.

Corona pandemic
Illustrasjon korona

The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

University of Bergen's Central Information Site About the Coronavirus