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The Faculty of Humanities is a multidisciplinary faculty that currently teaches more than 3700 students and offers a substantial number of programmes leading to a wide range of academic and professional qualifications. These cover a variety of disciplines within the areas of philosophy, language studies, history and cultural studies, aesthetic and literary studies.

Vadim Kimmelman

Vadim Kimmelman selected for the Young CAS Fellow programme

Linguist Vadim Kimmelman is one of two young, outstanding researchers in Norway who will participate in the Young CAS Fellow programme. He will do research on sign linguistics and whole‐entity classifiers.

Digital Lecture Series
The Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party

The Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party

This autumn six outstanding and internationally renowned historians will share their knowledge and insights into the Chinese Communist Party and its history.

international conference
The City in Time
Nov 02

The City in Time: Space, Culture and Heritage

Interdisciplinary conference, 2–3 November 2021.

Finding of earliest African burial 78000 year

SapienCE-researchers identify the earliest human burial in Africa

The earliest human burial in Africa has been discovered at an archaeological site near Mombasa. Excavations revealed the body of a three-year-old child, deliberately buried around 78,000 years old.

international summit

High-level summit at the University of Bergen: Global counter-terrorism after 22 July

What can society and global organizations do better to stop right-wing extremist radicalization and terrorist content online?