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Studenter på rekke sitter på en benk

The Faculty of Humanities is a multidisciplinary faculty that currently teaches more than 3700 students and offers a substantial number of programmes leading to a wide range of academic and professional qualifications. These cover a variety of disciplines within the areas of philosophy, language studies, history and cultural studies, aesthetic and literary studies.

Image of associate professor Wolfgang Hottner

Wolfgang Hottner receives Young Researcher’s Prize 2023

Wolfgang Hottner’s work on the role of inorganic materiality around 1800 poses new challenges for the research on the literature and aesthetics of the period. Now Hottner is awarded the Young Researchers Prize 2023 for his exceptional work and achievements.

New book
Book cover for Changing Seasonality - a modernist house, several seasons in the back- and foreground

Seasons they are a-changing

A rich and accessible new book from University of Bergen researchers and collaborators asks readers from all backgrounds to rethink what seasons mean to them.

CDN Director, Scott Rettberg

The Economist on "Cyborg authorship" and collective writing

Professor Scott Rettberg comments on collaborating with machines in literature.

Image from the de hoop exhibition showing insights into the lifestyles and behaviours of early humans.

We are all one

A new SapienCE exhibition has opened in South Africa. The 'Origins of Early Southern Sapiens Behaviour” showcases unique archaeological discoveries offering visitors a distinct cultural experience in the heart of the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Nobel Prize
Jon Fosse

Jon Fosse wins Nobel Prize in Literature

The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2023 has been awarded to author Jon Fosse. Fosse is an honorary doctor and alumnus at the University of Bergen.