Department of Philosophy

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VISION: Philosophy Addressing Global Challenges


  • Offer a rigorous teaching program in Philosophy
  • Offer Philosophy courses that are relevant for students in all disciplines
  • Offer high quality introductory courses in Philosophy, with relevance for students in all Faculties
  • Publish basic research in leading international Philosophy journals
  • Publish Philosophy research relevant for global public policy
  • Offer continuing education courses and participate actively in public policy debates

Department of Philosophy at the University of Bergen is a large department, responsible both for the teaching of Philosophy at all levels and for teaching general education courses for students in all the Faculties of the University. There are 25 full time regular tenured positions, in addition to 14 permanent lecturers. We offer bachelor- and master-programs in Philosophy, and there are currently 11 active PhD students. We are also responsible for an interdisciplinary Rhetoric program. The Department is particularly strong in the areas of Ethics and Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Language and Logic, Philosophy of Mind and Wittgenstein studies. Most of our faculty members are engaged in work that crosses into other disciplines including cognitive science, medicine, and environmental studies. The Department of Philosophy is home to the The Wittgenstein Archives.


Studies in philosophy

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The department also teaches the first-term courses


Main research areas


Philosophy and fiction
Feb 22


The Department of Philosophy is hosting a workshop on the philosophy of fiction, February 22 – 23, 2019.

Bokomslaget + bilder av redaktørene Espen Gamlund og Carl Tollef Solberg og av Jeff McMahan som har skrevet forordet. I tillegg står det også "new from oxford medicine"

Saving People from the Harm of Death

In this volume, leading philosophers, medical doctors, and economists discuss different views on how to evaluate death and its relevance for health policy.

Philosophy and mathematics
Antikk kileformet tavle med assyriske tegn mot svart bakgrunn

FRIPRO funding to Sorin Bangu and Kevin Cahill

The four-year project 'Mathematics with a Human Face: Set Theory within a Naturalized Wittgensteinean Framework' has received a grant from the Norwegian Research Council.

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There are no open positions for this unit at the moment.