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Philosophy Addressing Global Challenges


  • Offer a rigorous teaching program in Philosophy
  • Offer Philosophy courses that are relevant for students in all disciplines
  • Offer high quality introductory courses in Philosophy, with relevance for students in all Faculties
  • Publish basic research in leading international Philosophy journals
  • Publish Philosophy research relevant for global public policy
  • Offer continuing education courses and participate actively in public policy debates

Department of Philosophy at the University of Bergen is a large department, responsible both for the teaching of Philosophy at all levels and for teaching general education courses for students in all the Faculties of the University. We offer bachelor- and master-programs in Philosophy, and currently supervise thirteen doctoral candidates. We are also responsible for an interdisciplinary Rhetoric program. The Department is particularly strong in the areas of Ethics and Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Logic and Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Mind and Wittgenstein studies. Most of our faculty members are engaged in work that crosses into other disciplines including cognitive science, medicine, and environmental studies. We currently hold three prestigious major research grants on Logic, philosophy of causation and Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics. The Department of Philosophy is home to the The Wittgenstein Archives.

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May 26

Wittgenstein and Practice

Most commentators agree that the notion of a practice plays a significant role in Wittgenstein’s work, especially in his later thought. Yet there is no general agreement on how we should understand that role. The purpose of this workshop is to explore this question.

Wittgensteinhuset med utsikt over Sognefjorden
May 29

"Tractatus" Centennial Conference in Skjolden

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s groundbreaking work "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus" (Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung) exerted an enormous influence on the development of 20th Century Analytic Philosophy and continues to inspire philosophical reflection today.

May 30

Introduction to Causal Data Analysis and Modeling with Coincidence Analysis

Learning causal data analysis with Coincidence Analysis from the ground up.

Use of fire in a demonstration in Grenoble, France.
May 30

The Philosopher and the (Self-Destructive) Resister: Methodological Challenges

Practical Philosophy Seminar with Candice Delmas (Northeastern University, Boston).

Liberty, Armed with the Scepter of Reason, Strikes Down Ignorance and Fanaticism (Original Language Title: La Liberté armée du sceptre de la Raison foudroyé l’Ignorance et le Fanatisme). Jean-Baptiste Chapuy, French (c. 1760-1802) After Simon Louis Boizot
Jun 16

Rationality and Positive Political Roles for Emotions: Solidarity and Benevolence

The purpose of the second symposium is to investigate the interactions between rationality and passions suited as emotional cement for concerted social action: benevolence and solidarity.