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Evelyn Erickson | Realismo lógico e a metafísica da lógicae | Perspectiva Filosófic
Ben Martin | Identifying Logical Evidence | Synthese
The authors of" Philosophy as Drama" show that any interpretation of these works must include the literary and narrative dimensions of each text, as much as serious the attention given to the progression of the argument in each piece.
Michael Baumgartner published an article introducing the main theories of causation to political scientists in the SAGE Handbook of Political Science.
Mark Young, who defended his PhD thesis in the department recently, has been awarded the prestigious Marie Curie Postdoctoral EU Fellowship. The primary objective of his project is: to develop a new philosophical approach to the study of automation that recognizes the essential role played by human operators.
From September 21 to 25, 2020, Michael Baumgartner and Alrik Thiem (University of Lucerne) will hold a training seminar on configurational causal modeling with a heavy focus on CNA at the Regenstrief Institute for public health in Indianapolis.
Tore Fjetland Øgaard | Non-Boolean Classical Relevant Logics I | Synthese
Ole T. Hjortland | Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic | Australasian Journal of Logic
Pål Fjeldvig Antonsen | Logical Truth | Australasian Journal of Logic
Ole T. Hjortland | What Counts as Evidence for a Logical Theory? | Australasian Journal of Logic
Andreas Fjellstad | Herzberger’s Limit Rule with Labelled Sequent Calculus | Studia Logica
Andreas Fjellstad | A note on the cut-elimination proof in "Truth without contra(di)ction" | The Review of Symbolic Logic
New CNA software published on the The Comprehensive R Archive Network.
Michael Baumgartner and Christoph Falk, Boolean Difference-Making: A Modern Regularity Theory of Causation, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Pål Fjeldvig Antonsen | Fictional reports | Synthese
In this year's first edition of the journal "Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie" one of the highly regarded journals in the history of philosophy both Franz Knappik and Kristian Larsen are contributors.