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Tore Fjetland Øgaard | Non-Boolean Classical Relevant Logics I | Synthese
Ole T. Hjortland | Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic | Australasian Journal of Logic
Pål Fjeldvig Antonsen | Logical Truth | Australasian Journal of Logic
Ole T. Hjortland | What Counts as Evidence for a Logical Theory? | Australasian Journal of Logic
Andreas Fjellstad | Herzberger’s Limit Rule with Labelled Sequent Calculus | Studia Logica
Andreas Fjellstad | A note on the cut-elimination proof in "Truth without contra(di)ction" | The Review of Symbolic Logic
We are looking for a scientist with a specific interest in methodological questions, causal modeling, and data analysis. The PhD can be from any discipline relevant for the application of Boolean methods, e.g. social/political science, economics, biology, medicine or psychology. The preferred starting date is 1 February 2020, but a later date might be possible.
New CNA software published on the The Comprehensive R Archive Network.
Michael Baumgartner and Christoph Falk, Boolean Difference-Making: A Modern Regularity Theory of Causation, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Pål Fjeldvig Antonsen | Fictional reports | Synthese
In this year's first edition of the journal "Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie" one of the highly regarded journals in the history of philosophy both Franz Knappik and Kristian Larsen are contributors.
The Bergen Logic Group and the NFR-funded project `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic' organized the conference The Normativity of Logic, June 14-16 2017 (University of Bergen).
The Bergen Logic Group visited Pavia and the centre UISS. Together with UISS and the University of Bologna we organized a workshop in the philosophy of logic, especially logical pluralism and anti-exceptionalism.
This year's Nils Klim Prize is awarded to philosopher of science Finnur Dellsén (University of Iceland). 
UiB is planning to establish an interdisciplinary center for humanistic research. Within this framework, funds are available for two basic research projects with a deadline of 15 March.
In this volume, leading philosophers, medical doctors, and economists discuss different views on how to evaluate death and its relevance for health policy.
The four-year project 'Mathematics with a Human Face: Set Theory within a Naturalized Wittgensteinean Framework' has received a grant from the Norwegian Research Council.