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Week 39

Today 1st October (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 40

Wednesday 4th October (1)

On the Use of the History of Philosophy for Philosophy (Seminar)

Week 43

27th October (1)

Speaker: Audun Syltevik (PhD Fellow, SVT) (Seminar)

Week 44

2nd November (1)

Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Science in the "Tractatus" (Seminar)

Week 46

17th November (1)

Speaker: Stefan Riedener (Associate Professor in Philosophy, UiB) (Seminar)

Week 48

30th November (1)

AI and the Future of Protest Politics: Politics and Emotions in the Age of Digital Transformation and Surveillance Capitalism (Workshop)
Starts - Event ends at 01.12.2023