Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion

Gamal tavle med koptisk språk.


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Office address: Øysteinsgate 3
Address: Postboks 7805, 5020 BERGEN, Norway

Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour

The Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion – AHKR – was established on 1st August 2007 as a result of restructuring at the Faculty of Humanities, uniting four highly profiled, well established and related disciplines. The Department aims to maintain and strengthen these academic identities, and create a basis for innovative interdisciplinary research and teaching. Seven cross-disciplinary research groups have been established at the department, and a wide range of studies and courses are taught.


Meet an employee

Global and transnational history - and the story of soybeans

Ines Prodöhl, appointed Associate Professor in history, focuses on economy, agriculture and industry in her research and teaching.

New emloyee
Portrett av Daniela Hofmann

Neolithic studies from Bavaria to Bergen

Daniela Hofmann, newly appointed Associate Professor in archaeology, hopes that the Neolithic social structures can tell us something about the present.

Guest lecture
Dansende person
Nov 04

Sufism and Politics

How and why has the view of Sufism as inherently peaceful became so widespread?


– A proud day

UiB's new Centre of Excellence is officially open.

Magnus Mathiesen Haaland

PhD candidate wins best student paper award

Archaeologist Magnus M. Haaland received the award at peer-reviewed conference in Newcastle.